Never Give Up On Your Passion: A Short, Personal Discourse

Some of you may know that I started under a different name over two and a half years ago. Back then it was known as theapocrypha, a reference to arcane and hidden knowledge. I was relatively inexperienced with regards to blogging back then, but I knew I wanted to do it. I wanted to build up my skill and my portfolio so I could break into the writing industry.

Very quickly my blog itself became my passion, I was always scouring the net looking for new tidbits of gaming news, analysing trailers and voicing theories. Whenever a new trailer or live stream was scheduled to drop, I would stay awake or set an alarm for the early hours of the morning (because I’m Aussie and timezones suck), write furiously to get a new article out, then crash. I carried (and still carry) my laptop almost everywhere with me, in case I get five minutes to add a few more words to something I’ve been working on.

Pretty quickly, I moved from Wix, where I started, to WordPress, bringing with me everything I had written, and began anew. WordPress is where I belong. My name changed, my theme has changed innumerable times, and I am still looking at things to alter, depending on my tastes, or if I think it will make it easy for you, the lovely people who grace my blog with your presence.

Topsyturvygamer became more than a simple portfolio-building project, it became a part of me, as cheesy as it may seem; it became the arena where I felt the most comfortable. Sure, there were the hard times, where I compared myself to popular Youtubers, or games sites – I would beat myself up thinking that I wouldn’t get anywhere because I missed out a tiny bit of information and focusing too much on the number of readers, followers etc.

I still have those moments, but for the most part, it doesn’t bother me anymore. This blog, my drive to create an engaged and epic social community and my writing-oriented dreams spur me onwards. In fact, I have partly-fleshed out gaming narratives, the beginnings of a fantasy novel, numerous short stories, freelance projects and a job in the writing industry.

Getting the interview for a wonderful copywriting job made me the most nervous I’d ever been. I wanted this more than anything, but I was oddly calm. I was in my element, I knew what I was talking about, and what I was doing. I showed off my blog with pride, and a little trepidation, my prologue for my novel became another testament to my personality and my skill. A couple weeks later I got the call informing me that I’d gotten the job.

I was a copywriter.

I’ve been a copywriter at this place for a couple months now, and I love every single day of it. I get to work bright and early, put my headphones on and literally dance while I write. I also snack way too much but that is beside the point.

What I am saying is that you should never give up on your passions, no matter whether they are drawing, writing, fitness or what-have-you. My whole day orients around words – editing, writing, more editing, re-wording. Yet I still carry my laptop around, in case I get a few minutes on my lunch break, or on the train to add a few more paragraphs to an article. It is something I love, and the adage I was told time and time again by my mum growing up proved true. Do what you love and you truly don’t work a day in your life.

I don’t wake up early to get the latest news, but as soon as I have a moment, you can be sure I am all over that. While I am incredibly happy, you can be damn sure I am always learning, looking towards the next adventure, the next challenge to overcome and I am so excited what the future may hold.

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