Sea Of Thieves

Forsaken Shores Has Arrived In Sea Of Thieves, Bringing Three New Cosmetic Sets And Row Boats

It is time to dodge some geysers, breathe in the sweet aroma of lava flows and experience the tranquil scenery of The Devil’s Roar with the arrival of Sea of Thieves’ Forsaken Shores.

The Devil’s Roar is a brand new fiery zone, comprised of fifteen new islands that you can explore, loot and murder across to satisfy your pirate heart. As with all Sea of Thieves’ free content updates, Forsaken Shores introduces a time-limited campaign requiring you to discover what had happened to the Forsaken Shores Alliance.

Row Boat

However, the seas around The Devil’s Roar are treacherous, and your ship, even the versatile Sloop, may get torn apart. Enter the rowboat, another option for fine-tuned control as you make your way to the shoreline. Rowboats can help you avoid sharks and other deadly predators of the sea, and are a unique way of transporting cargo to your ship, meaning you can really load it up with loot.

Shrek Lava.PNG

While the first two weeks of Forsaken Shores will revolve around the time-limited campaign, and exploring of the new zone, week three introduces a brand new type of quest from the Merchant Alliance.

Cargo Runs require you to transport cargo from one location to the next, with requirements revolving around how they are delivered and transported. For example, rum bottles are quite fragile, they cannot take damage from any source, you can’t even jump with them, as they will break. Plants, on the other hand, have to constantly be watered to prevent them from dying.

The condition of your cargo determines how much gold you will make upon delivery, with pristine cargo being worth more. You can even accept multiple Cargo Runs at the same time, to maximise your loot, but you will have to juggle the multiple cargo conditions.

Three new cosmetic sets have been added to Sea of Thieves with the arrival of Forsaken Shores. These include clothing, tattoos, ship livery, weapons and equipment. The Forsaken Ashes set in particular, is time-limited and will fade away with the conclusion of Forsaken Shores so don’t wait too long.

Forsaken Ashes Set

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Ocean Crawler Set

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Kraken Set

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What are you waiting for? Forsaken Shores is live now, daring you to explore its burning expanse,

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