Dauntless’ Ostian Repeaters Are A Delicate Balancing Act Of Lethality

Dauntless is adding a powerful new ranged option, the Ostian Repeaters, for all your Behemoth hunting needs. Much like other weapons in the game, you’re going to have to craft them, but you can continue to customise the Repeaters long after you acquire your first one.

Composed of four parts, each segment controls and modifies a different functionality on the weapon.

  •  Your selected Barrel will alter the elemental damage on the weapon.
  • Altering your Chamber changes your Skillshot ability.

Skillshot Attack

  • The Grip changes your thrown ability.


  • The Prism changes your passive ability.

Each individual piece of the Repeater has its own unique Power Level, that when combined as a finished product, combines together. However, Phoenix Labs have not made it simple, as the Ostian Repeaters are all about balance, not just tacking a bunch of high-powered pieces together and hoping they work.

The Ostian Repeaters deal more damage the closer you are to your target, which provides Slayers with versatile options during combat, but rewards you for taking those risks. On top of all this, reloading while close to a Behemoth will empower your next set of shots, adding bonus damage and special effects to your abilities.

Ostian Repeaters will be releasing on October 3rd, and the quest to begin construction can be received from Admiral Zai after you take down your first adult Shrike.

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