Pokemon UltraSun/UltraMoon

Mythical Electric-Type, Zeraora Is Coming To Pokemon UltraSun And UltraMoon

Revealed way back in April, Zeraora is an Electric-Type Pokemon that is finally going to be acquirable in Pokemon UltraSun and UltraMoon.

Zeraora will arrive at level 50, and holding an Air Balloon, making it immune to Ground-Type moves that would normally be quite super effective against Electric Types. In terms of moves, Zeraora boasts;

-Close Combat
-Thunder Punch, and
-Plasma Fists

Plasma Fists is the signature move of Zeraora, turning all Normal-Type moves into Electric-Type ones for that single turn. This Mythical Pokemon also utilises Volt Absorb as its Ability, formidably rounding out this Pokemon.

Zeraora can be acquired for a limited time from participating Gamestop or EB Games stores starting October 19th and running until November 19th. Much like Event Pokemon that have come before, Trainers will be given a special code they can input under Mystery Gift.

This is not a Pokemon you want to miss out on Trainers. Get Zeraora while you can.


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