Mythical Electric-Type, Zeraora Is Coming To Pokemon UltraSun And UltraMoon

Revealed way back in April, Zeraora is an Electric-Type Pokemon that is finally going to be acquirable in Pokemon UltraSun and UltraMoon.

Zeraora will arrive at level 50, and holding an Air Balloon, making it immune to Ground-Type moves that would normally be quite super effective against Electric Types. In terms of moves, Zeraora boasts;

-Close Combat
-Thunder Punch, and
-Plasma Fists

Plasma Fists is Zeraora’s signature move, turning all Normal-Type moves into Electric-Type ones for that single turn. This Mythical Pokemon also utilises Volt Absorb as its Ability, formidably rounding out this Pokemon. This also has the lovely bonus of potentially rendering Normal-Type Pokemon ineffective in battle.

Zeraora can be acquired for a limited time from participating Gamestop or EB Games stores starting . Much like Event Pokemon that have come before, Trainers will be given a special code they can input under Mystery Gift.

This is not a Pokemon you want to miss out on Trainers. Get Zeraora while you can.

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