Are You Ready For A Trip Into Elder Scrolls Online’s Murkmire?

Murkmire is the upcoming DLC for the Elder Scrolls Online, as part of Update 20. In it, we will venture deeper into the Argonian homeland of Black Marsh, home to ancient artefacts, deadly enemies and even deadlier wildlife.

Along with the assorted Delves, collectables, item sets and hidden secrets players will be able to uncover, a new storyline will send us around Murkmire in search for a mysterious Saxhleel artefact that the Argonians earnestly desire. Throughout this intriguing story, you will need to contend with the deadly Blackguard Faction, suspicious Argonian tribes and the host of deadly beasts that will inevitably hide amongst the swamps.

Murkmire New Mount

While you explore the wondrous world that Murkmire will put at our fingertips, you will uncover the deepest secrets of the Argonians, particularly in relation to the Hist Trees, which they treat with a reverence greater than the cult followings of the Daedric Princes.

As with all Elder Scrolls Online expansions, players will be getting a brand new dungeon to conquer. However, this one is a little different. Known as Blackrose Prison, it was created by Pelladil Direnni and an army of Stone Atronachs, to serve as an Imperial penal colony, for the worst of the worst. Those who were sent to Blackrose were never heard from again. It was basically the ESO equivalent of Alcatraz.

The worst sufferers were an indigenous tribe of Argonians known as the Naga, and in an ‘unforeseeable’ twist the descendants of the original Naga have rebranded themselves as the Blackguards and are essentially a powerful collection of bandits.

Blackrose Prison is an arena-style dungeon, similar to Maelstrom or Dragonstar, where you and three of your synergistic allies will enter and battle against hordes of wild animals, Blackguards and even vampires across five rounds.

Each round continues for five waves before progressing to the next one so you will have to settle in for the long haul. The final round unsurprisingly plays host to a rather tough boss fight against Drakheeh, the creator of the gauntlet.

Blackrose Prison

So, why are we delving into Blackrose? Aside from the delightful fun-factor, a thief Erithel has contacted you for help, to free her master Seeks-the-Dark from the bowels of the prison. But instead of an ordinary prison break, you have to traverse the entire thing, killing the whole way.

The Prison will be absolutely chock full of environmental hazards that players can either succumb to or use to their advantage. These environmental hazards can be mitigated in interesting ways, and some are even incorporated into the very battles players will struggle against.

In a new twist, there are also powerful sigils players will be able to activate, providing powerful boons to your party. These include things like the Sigil of Resurrection, which resurrects dead teammates and protects the activating player.

Blackguard Weapon

Now, onto the rewards for our valour. Each boss found inside Blackrose Prison will drop parts of three new zone sets coming with Murkmire. So, obviously, you will have to run the arena several times to collect them all. What’s more, every successful completion will provide you with a powerful Blackrose weapon. And if you complete it on Veteran difficulty, you can earn a Perfected version of the weapon, adding a glorious new stat bonus.

WIth Murkmire fast approaching, and even being explorable in the PTS, the time to take the battle deeper into the Argonian homeland is almost here. Are you ready?

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