New Free Prime Weapon Bundle Is Coming To Warframe

It is that time once again to ready your favourite Space Ninja and venture out into the Solar System, not that we may have stopped in the first place. Twitch Prime has had some impressive free bundles in the past, in fact, Trinity Prime is still available for acquisition.

Well, beginning on October 16th, a new Prime weapon bundle will be available for all players who have a linked Twitch Prime account. If you haven’t got an account, you can sign up for a free trial and get the rewards.

So what will players get? With this new bundle, players can unlock;

-Vectis Prime
-Fang Prime; both with weapon slots
-Spektaka Sugatra

Vectis Prime is quite the rare Prime, and quite valuable so it is nice to see another avenue to acquire this Vaulted beauty. However, it may not be so rare after the Weapons Pack drops but it is still very cool.

Don’t miss out Tenno. Also, always support Space Mom.



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