Darksiders 3 Force Form Fury Is A Concussive Badass

Darksiders 3 will see players take on the role of Fury, an insanely deadly, whip-wielding warrior who also happens to be one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Fury is able to utilise four special abilities known as Hollows, which alter her form, giving her access to a new spree of abilities and a wicked hairstyle.

We have already witnessed Flame Form Fury and we have now been graced with a trailer for Force Form. Sidebar: alliteration truly is magnificent. Force Form Fury, revolves around the use of concussive techniques to stun and damage her foes.

Force Telekinetic Rocks.png

From straight slamming the ground with what her overly large Hammer, sending shockwaves through terra firma to surrounding herself with stones that she proceeds to through at enemies, Force is a… force to be reckoned with.

Based on the configuration of the rocks, Force Fury could also be a semi-defensive Hollow, with the stones serving as a rotating shield. That wasn’t demonstrated in the very short Force demonstration but it is a possibility.

We are undoubtedly going to see more footage of Fury as the November 27th release date draws ever closer. It will be good to finally see what her horse looks like, considering how high the bar was raised with Death in Darksiders 2.

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