Garuda’s Abilities, Nyx Changes And Fortuna Release Date Unveiled

Devstream 118 has come and gone and what a better time to preview the goretastic Garuda than the spooky month of Halloween. Of course, Garuda’s abilities are not finalised and can experience changes in the coming weeks.

Garuda is quite similar to Valkyr, but where Valkyr is rage-given-form, Garuda is controlled, disciplined but no less deadly. Her abilities are as follows;

  • Passive: The lower her health, the more damage she does.

Garuda OneGaruda Blood Ball

  • One: Cast upon an enemy to tear them apart with your claws. Doing so summons a shield in front of you to protect you for a set duration. Additionally, you harvest their blood that can be charged by draining your energy and thrown at enemies to do damage.

Garuda Two

  • Two: Cast upon an enemy to impale them, creating an AOE that drains their life force to heal you.
  • Three: Cast to lower your health, giving you energy based on the amount of health drained.

Garuda Four

Four: Summon a flurry of blades around you, pulling in enemies and shredding them. You can move around while in the vortex.

Synergistically Garuda’s Two and Three work really well together, granting her an option to regenerate energy and health in the midst of combat, which will make her a very viable offensive Frame.


Onto Fortuna, which has finally gotten a release date, or more accurately, a release window. The first week of November to be exact (my birthday month in case anyone was wondering). With Fortuna, we will be presented with new bounties requiring us to hunt and kill targets in any fashion we like, as well as changes to fishing.

New fishing spears known as EMP spears will require us to throw it at a marked area on the fish in order to short it out and disable it. To do this the throw must not only be timed but must match a certain frequency, requiring a bit more skill.

K-Drives will also come with their own sets of mods, allowing us to customise our hoverbikes in glorious ways. Eat your heart out McFly. On top of all this, and all the stuff Digital Extremes have kept secret thus far, new Operator Amps are coming with Fortuna.

Nyx Prime.jpg

Our beloved psychic, mind-bender is also getting quite the ability rework that has seen some of her abilities changed completely, while others have just been tweaked.

  • Passive/Misfire: Enemies can’t seem to truly target Nyx and all receive an accuracy debuff against her.
  • Mind Control: Target will absorb any damage done to it 4 seconds after it is cast. The amount of damage absorbed then increases the output damage of the target.
  • Psychic Bolts: All enemies hit lose defences (armour/shields) for a short duration. Infested units will be slowed, in addition to the deactivation of any Infested auras.
  • Absorb: The math and possibly the damage type is being changed.

This and so much more is coming to Warframe in the near future, which, thanks to Garuda is looking a whole lot more stabby.


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