Dauntless Welcomes A New Behemoth: The Riftstalker

Within the Maelstrom something looms, something dark, unknowable and intelligent: The Riftstalker. This glorious new Behemoth utilises umbral portals to move around, send damaging energy orbs and to even pull you into its world, its realm of abyssal darkness.

Riftstalker Realm

Dark portals can open up beneath your very feet, dragging you into the Riftstalker’s home turf, where you will have to call on all your Slayer skills to be able to return to Ramsgate alive.

Apart from its agileness and ferocious disposition, the Riftstalker is an incredibly intelligent creature, forcing you to constantly adapt and alternate your fighting style so as to not get carved up by its wicked claws.

If you manage to learn the moves of the Riftstalker it will change them, alternating patterns, timing and the abilities themselves, all to disorient and throw you off your game. The good people over at Phoenix Labs have mentioned that this intelligent versatility is something that Slayers will see in the future.

Riftstalker Armour

Successfully defeating the Riftstalker multiple times will allow you to craft a brand new set of Riftstalker armour (my personal favourite) as well as a brand new arsenal of umbra-infused weapons.

Dark Harvest has begun, the spooky season of all things arcane, but never fear for the Riftstalker will always be there, lurking just out of sight. Forever.


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