Paladins: Champions of the Realm

A Paladins Remix Is Coming With 1.8: Battle Pass 3 And A New TDM Map

What a better way to celebrate the final Battle Pass of the year than with a remix? Battle Pass three brings the highest spree of quality cosmetic rewards ever seen in Paladins. And yes that means Legendary skins, each with their own unique VFX and round effects. Think Raeve Maeve but more awesome!

Remix Strix

Costing just 600 Crystals, this Battle Pass will instantly unlock the epically glorious Remix Strix, who arrives with his own personal EDM Music Pack, Beat Mania. Along with this amazing skin and the unique VFX that he inevitably brings, players will also unlock the Equaliser Loading Frame as well as a 50% boost to Battle Pass experience, Gold, Account experience and Champion experience.

And that’s just the start!

Remix Seris

Getting to Level 10, which you can do in a relatively short time will gift you Remix Seris, delivering her own brand of VFX and music, As a Support main and a profound lover of Seris, this skin fills me with joy!

Light Show

Level 20 sees the arrival of the 3D Light Show Spray, which alternates between red and blue crystal colours, all with ever-changing effervescent rave lighting. This seems like the perfect way to bring the party to the Realm and to hopefully throw off enemy aim.

Remix Pepper

In an awesome genderbending twist, Remix Pepper is the reward for Level 30. Being a Vulpin from a different dimension, Pepper is equipped with all the same abilities and weaponry as Pip. She is essentially a new character and will have her own Champion portrait in-game, but you will be unable to have a Pip and Pepper on the same team.

Remix Jenos

Level 50 unlocks Remix Jenos, who has been granted his second Battle Pass skin, following Exarch in B1. Like the previous Remix skins, Remix Jenos has his own set of unique VFX and music and is definitely an incredibly well-designed cosmetic.

Redux Strix

But wait, there’s more. If you purchase the Battle Pass and get to Level 50 you will instantly start accumulating progress towards Encore. Encore resets the progress to Level 1 allowing you to earn more Battle Pass experience leading to more rewards, Crystals and team boosters. Reach Level 50 again and be rewarded with the colour-variant Redux Strix.

There will be five tiers of Battle Pass Challenges for players to complete, and upon the fulfilment of this accomplishment, the title of ‘The DJ’ will be yours.

Obsidian Warhorse

If you wanted to get a jump on the Battle Pass and add a sweet mount to your collection, you can purchase the Obsidian Pack. For $14.99 US you can acquire the Obsidian Mount, 200 Crystals and 3 million Battle Pass experience.

Coldsnap Furia

1.8 really is an amazing patch for Support Champs with Coldsnap Furia arriving as a free reward when you link your Mixer account and watch live HRX streams. With Hi-Rez Expo running from November 16th to November 19th, Coldsnap Furia will be acquirable very soon.

Cuddly Moji

Move over Plushy and Cuddly Makoa, there is a new addition of cuteness to the Realm with Cuddly Moji. Arriving in the very early Festive Chest, Cuddly Moji, and the plethora of other great cosmetics within the Chest will be available randomly at 125 Crystals a pop.

A portion of all sales from the Festive Chest will go towards Child’s Play, an amazing charity who work to improve the lives of children in hospitals by providing them with games, toys, books and general entertainment.

Alright, it is time for a brief intermission – get a snack, take a power nap because we have got a couple more things to go over.

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Evil Mojo have announced via a Paladins AMA that they are working on the entirety of the Golden Mastery skins for all Champions. 1.8 is seeing three of these mindblowing customisations for Ash, Grover and Skye arrive into the Realm – all you have to do is get to Champion level 50.

Skye Rework

Now you can probably see something quite different with one of the above Champs, and that is simply because Skye’s visual rework is finally complete, elevating the twilight assassin to her true murderous potential.

If you prefer the look of the original Skye, her previous look will be available for one gold during 1.8 and is known as Twilight.

Dragon Arena

Remember the Dragon’s Call event from a few patches ago? Players are finally getting a new map based on that event, called Dragon Arena, and anyone who knows me, knows that dragons are my jam. You should see my Yu-Gi-Oh card collection, it is all dragons, toons and Kuribohs.

Dragon Arena is a team deathmatch map and will feature a powerup in the centre building bestowing 100% Ultimate charge to whichever Champion gets to it first. Oh and this powerup respawns every 60 seconds so control of the centre building could be key to victory.


Only yesterday I was discussing the potential gifting of skins with a close friend and it has manifested itself within the patch notes. Accessible from the Paladins main menu, you can choose from one of three gifts;

  • Large Gift (300 Crystals): Epic and Legendary skins along with two Rare mounts.
  • Medium Gift (75 Crystals): Rare and Epic skins, emotes, weapons and sprays.
  • Small Gift: (50 Crystals): Rare and Epic emotes, titles and MVP poses.

There will even be a small selection of messages you can tag along with the gift just to add to the niceness factor.

Gyro controls are arriving for PS4 and Switch players, and as an Xbox player, I am quite jealous. Good thing I also have a Switch. I have a PS4 too but I digress. Gyro controls allow players to move the camera by moving their wrists/game controller. Used in tandem with your thumbs, this allows for a faster response time but it may take some time getting used to.

Patch 1.8 is enormous and there is a lot I haven’t covered so be sure to go check out the patch notes if you are interested. In keeping with the traditional pattern, all platforms should be getting the 1.8 updates within a couple weeks. See in the Realm realmlings!

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