Enter The Arena In Sea Of Thieves

Since the day the first ships set out to carve their adventure on the Sea of Thieves players have wanted a way to compete against each other in a more official fashion. During the Golden Age of Piracy, large-scale ship combat was decidedly commonplace, so why not have a more competitive mode in Sea of Thieves?

Coming in 2019, The Arena is a brand new game mode in which players will battle it out in an attempt to gather more treasure than their opponents. Run by the charmingly suave DeMarco Singh, the Arena allows you to test your competitiveness and synergy of your crew against other pirates.

You’ll need strong winds, a steady hand and fate on your side if you are to win and impress the new Trading Company, the Sea Dogs. So how does The Arena work?

According to the trailer, four ships will race around the different zones of Sea of Thieves, in a bid to collect more treasure than their opponents. Of course, this will be amongst booming cannon fire, ship-to-ship combat and desperate dogfights on the shores of islands.

Sea Of Thieves The Arena

There is still much about the new mode that is hidden beneath the waves but it is essentially distilling core pirate gameplay into an action-packed mode. For players who want an intense, competitive experience The Arena is for them, however, normal exploration and the slower style of gameplay is still available for players who prefer that.

With the flamboyant arrival of DeMarco, it seems there may be a lot of new cosmetics up for grabs, specifically available from the Sea Dogs. The sword and DeMarco’s coat are of particular interest so hopefully, players can snag them soon.

We will undoubtedly hear more news about The Arena in the coming months and how it is going to rewrite part of the Sea of Thieves experience.

Fair winds to you all.

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