Assassins Creed Odyssey

The Show Must Go On Quest And Steropes The Cyclops Have Arrived In AC Odyssey

Are you ready for another jaunt into the world of Assassins Creed Odyssey? Of course you are, and with the first of the free Lost Tales of Greece and a brand new mythical beast to slay, there is plenty to keep you occupied.

The Show Must Go On

The Show Must Go On is a questline that becomes active once you reach Episode Five in the main story – situated in Elis. With it you will embody the role of an actor, recreating the Battle of 300, as King Leonidas. From playing through the game, we know exactly how the Battle of 300 progressed but the playwright has taken some creative liberties with history.

As with much of Odyssey, the choice falls to you as to how you want the play to progress, and with multiple branches, you could have some serious fun with this quest.

Divine Intervention

The second Lost Tale of Greece, known as Divine Intervention puts you on a path to completing several divine trials, one of which leads into the Foundry of Hephaistos. Divine Intervention will be arriving later this month.

Update: Divine Intervention is now available in Korinthia once you reach Episode Five.


Beware Steropes, the Lightning Bringer. This high-level mythical beast is one of the three Cyclopes who helped forge Zeus’ legendary lightning bolts and he will be quite the challenge.

Hiding in his lair, Steropes waits for players foolish enough to challenge him in open combat. Defeat him and you will be rewarded with a Legendary Bow.

Underworld Gear Set

Now to talk about something that resounds in all our hearts…loot. While there are unique armour packs available for purchase in the store, I believe the correct term is microtransaction, some of these packs are going to be purchasable in-game.

The Underworld Pack, depicted above was released a few days ago to the care the Oikos of the Olympians, that special store where you trade the rare Orichalcum for powerful items. Not only that, the Odysseus Naval Pack and Odysseus Pack. The Odysseus Pack, in particular, is of great interest due to the Trojan Horse design of the Mount.

Also arriving later in November are a myriad of delightful updates and changes to the game including an increase to the level cap. Rising twenty levels, the level cap allows players to still be rewarded and progress throughout the massive world of Odyssey. And for all those players residing at level fifty, all the experience you’ve earned since then will be applied retroactively.

So what are you waiting for Mercenaries? Steropes and the first Lost Tale of Greece aren’t going to kill and complete themselves, respectively. While there is no time limit on these new activities, they are sure to add another layer of excitement and levity to quite the fun game.


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