Paladins: Champions of the Realm

Paladins: Imani Unveiled And Cross Progression Announced

Paladins: Imani Unveiled And Cross Progression Announced

Hi-Rez Expo has been full of intense matches, amazing plays from talented players and of course, Paladins announcements.

Set to debut in Patch 2.01, Imani is a Warder, able to heed the call of and control the power of the Dragons as well as bring the deadly powers of fire and ice to bear against her foes. Oh, and we can’t forget a giant player controlled DRAGON!

The fire component of Imani’s kit is all about large damage, while ice deals quick damage and brings a lot of crowd control. In a similar style to Koga and Strix, Imani can switch her abilities, giving her a deadly new element to cast. 

Imani’s main attack appears to utilise ice and fire projectiles, depending on what element you have chosen to embody. Her alternate fire for…fire delivers what appears to be a withering stream of unrelenting flame, while her ice attack lobs a frozen ball, presumably slowing her foes. 

And of course, Imani has a movement ability that perfectly encapsulates her dual nature. Standing on an ice platform Imani rapidly propels herself forward with streams of fire, great for getting out of (or into) tough spots. 

Her Ultimate is where the real fun begins, summoning a giant Frostfire Dragon that players can control in order to decimate the battlefield. 

Imani isn’t the only exciting thing coming to the future of Paladins, with Season Two kicking off The Hunt initiative, designed to focus on polish and bug fixes. This has been a long time coming and something the game really needs. 

Patches will be spaced further apart with more time being spent in the PTS, ironing out potential new bugs that could emerge. At the same time, 20-40% of each development cycle will be devoted to polishing Paladins as opposed to simply adding new cosmetics. This will inevitably lead to a better gaming experience for all players. 

Cross Progression and Cross Play

With the arrival of Patch 2.01 roughly scheduled for release mid-to-late January 2019, Paladins players on PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch will be able to play together. Hopefully, crossplay will still be able to be turned off due to the inherent advantage that PC holds over console. 

That being said, keyboard and mouse support is going to be added to Xbox One for all players that wish to utilise it. 

Cross progression has been something the community has wanted for a while. Personally, I’ve had Paladins downloaded on my Switch for ages, waiting for the moment my progress will carry over. That time is now, or more accurately, soon. 

By linking all of your separate console accounts to your Hi-Rez account you will have a centralised system for your progress, cosmetics and Champions. However, a caveat to this is that not all skins will be available on all platforms, for example those with the Xbox logo may not be available on PC or Switch. But the vast majority should still carry over. 

There is a lot of information regarding both cross play and cross progression in their FAQ, which I highly encourage you to check out. 

There is a lot to look forward to in the future of Paladins as the game grows ever bigger, with more polish, content and fewer bugs than ever before. It is a good time to be a part of the Realm. 

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