Neeko, League Of Legends’ New Champ Revealed

Neeko the Chameleon is the newest Champion to come to League of Legends, and she is curious, bright-eyed, shapeshifting vastaya always searching for new things to morph into. And canonically she is a lesbian. 

So, how do her abilities play out on the battlefield? Her staple is the Inherent Glamour passive, allowing Neeko to disguise herself as an ally Champion, to get in close, or otherwise outmanoeuvre her opponents. Utilising Blooming Burst, Tangle-Barbs or taking damage from an enemy Champion will break the illusion and increase the cooldown. 

Blooming Burst

Neeko propels a seed into a targeted area which then proceeds to bloom and deal damage. If an enemy Champ or large monster is damaged or killed with Blooming Burst, the seed will bloom twice more. 


Shapesplitter has two different effects, a Passive and an Active one, each providing a different route for Neeko to control the battlefield. Passively, Shapesplitter causes every third one of Neeko’s basic attacks to deal additional magic damage and to briefly increase her movement speed. 

Actively, Neeko becomes invisible, gaining increased movement speed and sending a clone of herself running in a chosen direction that you select before the ability is fully activated. 


Tangle-Barbs sees a magic spiral get thrown out, dealing damage as it passes through enemies, and conveniently rooting them to the spot for a short duration. If at least two enemies are hit, Tangle-Barbs increases in size, speed and root duration. Subsequently, the last Champ hit with Tangle-Barbs is rooted to the spot longer. 

Pop Blossom

Beginning my charging up with spiritual essence, Neeko leaps into the air gaining a shield and slowing nearby enemies. Upon landing, the full force of Pop Blossom is felt, dealing massive damage and applying a stun to enemies in range. As an added bonus, if Neeko is disguised with Inherent Glamour, enemy Champs won’t notice her initial charge up phase. 

Neeko is a master of misdirection and if played offensively, could be a dominating force on the battlefield, able to bewilder and confuse even the most eagle-eyed of opponents. Riot has some tips and tricks for playing Neeko that can get you started. 

My Take On Neeko

Personally, I am a big lover of interesting character designs which is why I have always been interested in League of Legends from afar. This is because I tried to play it a while back and the top-down style of gameplay and the difficulty (for me at the time) threw me off. Neeko has piqued my interest and it may be time to dive back into LoL.

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