The Novel: Back Again

It has been some time since I have relayed an update on the status of my novel. The sad truth is that not much has happened, well in the writing sphere anyways. In reality, so much has happened, good and bad. 

But over the last few weeks I have been devoting time to thinking about the plot of my novel and while I could come up with interesting scenarios, characters and tragedies I couldn’t, for the life of me, think of an overarching plot. 

Until now. 

It is with a lot of excitement that I announce that I have the beginnings of a plan evidenced with my mad scramblings on pages both digital and physical. 

Inspired by the darker side of things, the sublime and drawing inspiration from the gorgeous style of H.P Lovecraft, my tale will be one for the ages, that hopefully will entertain, thrill and bring joy to readers everywhere. 

It has begun. 

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