Sea Of Thieves

New Dangers And Rewards Hide Within Sea Of Thieves’ Shrouded Spoils Update

Sea of Thieves has made vast improvements to the state of the game through the almost constant free updates that Rare have developed and released. The latest of these updates is known as Shrouded Spoils and adds a new degree of difficulty to encounters on the Sea of Thieves but also makes them a lot more lucrative. 

Let us start with the ever-present, sharp-toothed denizen of the deep, the Megalodon, or Meg as it is affectionately and time-savingly called. Megs have been ramped up a few notches, creating a more challenging fight. 

As a reward for taking down the new Megs, you will be rewarded loot in the form of chests and skulls. This is something that Sea of Thieves players have wanted for quite a while, as it was an interesting but unrewarding encounter otherwise. 

In the same vein, the Kraken has become more challenging, which was sorely needed. As a reward, you will once again be blessed with more loot that you can dive into the sea and claim. 

Remember the Skeleton Crews that now roam the seas, bellowing a challenge to living pirates everywhere? Well, now they don’t just sail on the waves, but sail below, waiting to burst to the surface in the true Flying Dutchman-style. But you will still encounter Skelly Crews roaming the surface as well, on their own adventures and hunts for treasure, which you can singularly disrupt if you dare. 

The new type of Skeleton Crew also comes with a new addition to their naval arsenal, being the Skelly Sloop. Rocking a terrifying new design, the Skelly Sloop will bring its speed and small size to bear against pirates everywhere. 

You may have noticed something interesting in the screenshot of the Skeleton Ship above, namely that it was shrouded in fog. Well, that is because fog will now occasionally move in on the oceans, obscuring everything from view. You will need a keen eye in the cockpit, and a keen ear to listen out for approaching threats. 

The Kraken, Megs, Skelly Crews and other pirates could be lurking within that fog, mere metres away from you. 

But what is the point of being a pirate if we get no loot? Thankfully, Rare has added a few new ways to build up your treasure hoard. 

Two new rewards are making their way to the interior of Skeleton Forts, being a crate of Ancient Bone Dust and a deadly Stronghold Gunpowder Barrel. 

Both of these rewards are worth quite a bit if you manage to turn them in to the Merchant Alliance, but sometimes the temptation of adding a bit of boom to the Sea of Thieves can be too much. The resulting explosion is sure to be stupendous. 

In the same loot-filled vein, special gems can be collected from the ruins of Mermaid Statues scattered about the Sea of Thieves, the rarity and value of the gem will depend on the strength of the statue, so take a deep breath and dive into the ocean deep. 

But what can you do with all the new ways to acquire fabulous, shiny loot? Buy new ship customisations of course! For the wheel, capstone and cannons can now be customised to suit your individual flair. 

In fact, with the arrival of Shrouded Spoils, a new time-limited Wailing Barnacle cosmetic set is just waiting for you to add it to your collection.

Check out the official release video for Shrouded Spoils as it is quite exciting to watch all these new systems in action. Shrouded Spoils is live right now, so what are you still doing here? Time to unfurl those sails, raise that anchor and carve your legend on the Sea of Thieves

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