Paladins: Champions of the Realm

Unleash Some Merry Mayhem In Paladins’ 1.9 Patch

Tis the start of the Christmas season and with that comes some very special Paladins content, namely brand new Xmas themed cosmetics and a new event, Merry Mayhem. 

Dredge is in charge of Merry Mayhem and will offer special rewards if you provide him with Sweets. Players can gain access to the Sweets Store by purchasing one of the three Event Bundles, which is very similar to how previous Events have functioned. You earn Sweets by buying Event Bundles or through sets of challenges that Dredge will offer each week, providing not only this limited currency but either an Avatar, Gold Chest or Festive Chest. 

  • Sweet Collector: Available on release. Rewards: 4 Sweets, 15,000 Gold, Rowdy Corsair Avatar.
  • Candy Connoisseur: December 19th 2018. Rewards: 4 Sweets, 30,000 Gold, Gold Chest. 
  • Stocking Stuffer: December 26th 2018. Rewards: 5 Sweets, 60,000 Gold, Festive Chest. 

To own everything from the Sweets Store will cost 32 Sweets, which will include the Gingerdead Death Stamp, Lian’s Lounge Legendary Emote and the Barrier Wreath Makoa Skin. 

It simply wouldn’t be Christmas in the Realm without the Sweet Master himself, Merrymaker Dredge. Sporting a new take on the popular Christmas attire (Dredge must not feel the cold), he also has a shark-themed howitzer, which hopefully shoots some form of gift-wrapped explosive. 

With the Merrymaker Dredge Bundle, you will also gain the Thar She Blows Dredge MVP pose, five Sweets and a stocking (to gain access to the Sweet Store).

Abominable Terminus is up next with a Yeti skin we didn’t know we needed. With a ferocious aesthetic and a singularly vicious hammer, Abominable is adding a bit of terror into the Realm this Merry season. It has been quite a while since our resurrecting friend has been blessed with a new cosmetic, so it is nice to see Terminus getting some love. 

Also provided with this Bundle will be the Rage, MVP pose, five Sweets and a stocking. 

One of the best skins of the 1.9 Patch, apart from Sugar Plum (I’ll get there, be patient) is Merrymaker Lian. With a flowing Christmas cloak and an oversized hood shadowing blonde hair, Merrymaker Lian has her sights set firmly on the Realm. 

Speaking of sights, Evil Mojo Alyssa has engaged in a Twitter discussion regarding the functionality of the scope. Since you cannot use it, the choice has been put to the players as to whether or not to remove it before the final release. So head on over and cast your vote. 

This Bundle gifts players with the Poise Lian MVP pose, five Sweets and a stocking. 

If you purchase all three of the above Event Bundles you will be blessed with the adorable-yet-lethal Merrymaker Maeve Bundle. With a pink tail tied with a bow and cat ears poking up out of her long red hair, Merrymaker Maeve is leaning heavily into the feline theme. 

Merrymaker Maeve also comes with the Ambush MVP pose, ‘Iced Out’ Title, Ice Palace Loading Frame and ten Sweets. 

But if you don’t want to purchase all three bundles just to get Merrymaker Maeve, she will be available as a standalone purchase after Merry Mayhem ends for a price of 1200 Crystals. 

The final cosmetic of Merry Mayhem is something a little different, a way to spread Christmas cheer among the Realm. This is, of course, the Gift Giving Bundle. Available to spread a little Christmas joy, this bundle comes with Sugar Plum Willo! 

This bundle will also gift you with 200 Crystals and two Large Gift tokens, able to be used in place of the 300 Crystal large Gift, just in case you wanted to return the favour. 

Available for $9.99 USD, you can spread happiness and Sugar Plums to your most treasured companions. Personally, I only have one friend I play with consistently so if you are reading this, Merry Christmas loser. 

Finally, Paladins will be getting a brand new Siege map known as Warder’s Gate. Much like Ascension Peak, the capture objective is a lot larger, providing unique strategies and gameplay mechanics. 

Warder’s Gate is actually the very first Paladins map that is asymmetrical, meaning that you will either be venturing into battle amongst gorgeous, gilded architecture or a mystical forest. 

But that’s not all Warder’s Gate has to offer, with floating, resonating crystals providing lift to get you from one area to the next, offering plentiful opportunity for the strategic ones amongst you. 

Merry Mayhem will be available, to hopefully all players, on the 17th of December 2018. Evil Mojo is going to use the coming weeks to fine-tune Warder’s Gate from feedback from PTS testing and remove any bugs that may arise. 

Merry Christmas Champions.

Update: I interpreted the Gift Giving Bundle as a purchase that you can send straight to your friends but it is a one-time DLC purchase. You can then send the Large Gift Tokens to friends in place of a large gift.

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