Warframe’s Nyx And Titania Are Getting An Ability Spruce Up

As the title suggests, two of Warframe’s devastating space-ninjas are getting an ability rework to make them more impactful and devastating in a variety of mission types. According to Digital Extremes, when it comes to usage stats both Nyx and Titania rest just above the bottom ten when it comes to an average for the player base. 

The changes are as follows. 


The ability changes for Titania revolve around making her less of a hassle to use, requiring less casts and improving the efficiency of each ability. 


Instead of having to cast this four times to build up the different Auras, one cast will raise Tribute to its full power, however, you can still cast multiple times to increase its duration. 

The four Aura types;

Dust: Reduces enemy accuracy by 50%. 
Thorns: 50% of the damage inflicted reflected back to the attacker. 
Entangle: Slows an enemy by 25%.
Fullmoon: Buffs damage by 75% for Sentinels, Moas, Companions and Razorwing Butterflies. 


Lantern is an attraction ability, rendering a target invulnerable and causing in-range foes to be calmed and pacified. Lantern can now be cast on up to four enemies, with an improved pacifying and attraction of witless enemies. All targets can be exploded by holding the Lantern cast. 


When active, Razorwing will create a vacuum that can pick up Energy, loot, ammo and other pickups so you can focus your attention on slaying your foes, rather than playing cleanup. 


Nyx is a powerful psychic Frame who can control the battlefield through misdirection and manipulation. However, portions of Nyx’s ability set aren’t utilised because of their ineffectiveness at higher levels. 

New Passive

Enemies can’t seem to truly target Nyx and all enemies receive an accuracy debuff against her. 

Mind Control

Mind Control will still bring a single enemy over to the Tenno side for a given duration, but now you can control its damage output. After Mind Control has been cast, there will be a four-second period where Nyx can deal as much damage as possible to the controlled target to multiply its damage output. The target will also benefit from improved ‘Follow Nyx’ behaviour to keep your temporary ally close by. 

Psychic Bolts

One of the more underused Nyx abilities, Psychic Bolts is changing from a flat damage ability to a debuff that removes portions of enemy defences (shield/armour) for a short duration. In the case of Infested, they will be slowed and Ancient auras will be deactivated for a short duration. 


Absorb still allows Nyx to take in all incoming damage, exploding in a large radial discharge, but now the damage output is dynamic. Whatever damage is dealt to Nyx while Absorb is active is the same damage that will be dealt when the Absorb explosion occurs. 

While the ability changes may experience some tweaking and changes before release, they already appear as if they will revolutionise how both Titania and Nyx are played for both new players and veterans. 

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