Destiny 2 Just Doesn’t Excite Me Anymore

I find this incredibly saddening to say and if I am honest this has been something I’ve been grappling with for a little while, but Destiny 2 doesn’t excite me anymore. This feels quite weird as the state of the game has been the best it has ever been and with Black Armory arriving tomorrow, I should be bouncing off the walls with excitement. 

While I will always hold to it that the gunplay of the Destiny franchise is fantastic – almost addictive, and the game has made impressive strides since its release it has faded from my mind. 

I remember playing Destiny 1 for a few hours each and every day, eagerly awaiting the Nightfall and completing, the raids three times a week each. Fast forward to now and I still haven’t completed the Leviathan Raid, nor any of the Raid Lairs. Heck, I can count the number of Nightfalls I have done on a single hand. 

There is something about Destiny now that feels hollow and empty, it doesn’t have the same character or appeal that even Destiny 1 had when it first released. It could be that I am still a tad salty that I don’t have my Bad Juju or Red Death back yet or it could just be a change in my tastes and the fact that it took so long to get the game here. 

The world doesn’t seem as alluring and mysterious, it seems repetitive and I can’t sit there and play the game for any longer than half an hour at a time. 

Don’t get me wrong I am still going to write about Destiny 2 in some capacity because there are wondrous things occurring in the game, especially with that Uldren teaser but for the time being, that will probably be the extent of it. 

Hopefully, one day Destiny 2 fills me with the same wonder and joy as the first game did and I find myself jumping back in to zealously defend the Light. 

To everyone else, all I want to say is that I hope you have a blast with Black Armory and the coming content. Enjoy the new weapons Guardians. 

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