Dauntless Is Coming To Consoles In 2019

After long last, the monster-hunting role-playing game Dauntless is scheduled to release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Epic Games Store in April 2019. 

Dauntless works by pitting Slayers against Behemoths, deadly creatures that roam the isles bellowing a challenge to any who dare accept it. A delightful, animated-style and free-to-play design makes Dauntless a game you just cannot help but come back to. 

In fact, I was fast becoming addicted to Dauntless before my PC decided to break on me so the news that it is coming to console is incredibly welcome. 

The premise of Dauntless is simple, you are tasked to venture out into the wilderness as part of a team, or solo if you are brave enough, and bring low deadly Behemoths, whose carved up body parts you can utilise to create new weapons and armour. 

From Behemoths that use the power of bone-breaking rocks, to rift stalkers and fire-spitters, Dauntless has a challenge around every corner. 

The goal for Dauntless developers, Phoenix Labs, is to launch crossplay for all platforms, but so far there is no release date for that feature. 

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