Baruuk And Mesa Prime Coming To Warframe

After long last, Mesa Prime, the deadliest gunslinger in the Origin System is arriving in Warframe. And she has a distinct sense of fashion…arse-less chaps anyone? 

Beginning on December 18th, just a week out from Christmas, Mesa Prime Access will become available, along with Akjagara Prime and Redeemer Prime. 

Of course, if you do not wish to spend money on the Mesa Prime Access, this wondrous new Frame and weaponry can still be earned through normal gameplay. 

Update: As a late addition to the Prime Accessories Bundle, Mesa is getting an alternative Prime Helmet – Mesa Prime Montesa.

Baruuk is the newest Warframe to be unveiled, and he is a reluctant hero, not quite as aggressive as other Frames. Before we get into his abilities it needs to be stated that the functionality of these abilities and their names may change before his final release. 

  • Elude: Generates a cone of damage mitigation right in front of Baruuk so that bullets will pass right through you. The more damage blocked the higher his ‘Edge’ (placeholder) will grow. Synergistically, the higher Baruuk’s Edge, the more damage he can mitigate. 
  • Sedative: A radial sleep that will grow until enemies pass out. The effect will linger a few seconds after casting meaning that any foes who enter the AOE radius will still be affected. Can deal bonus damage on finishing sleeping hostiles. 
  • Subdue: Similiar to Null Star, Subdue summons disarm charges that float around Baruuk. When an enemy comes within range, they are hit with a small amount of damage and subsequently disarmed. Charges can attach to allies, providing them with disarming capabilities. 
  • Savage: Summons an exalted fist that has several effect based on what combos you utilise. Sliding creates a radial lift, block pulls enemies towards you and a forward combo ragdolls enemies further and further back. 

Baruuk is a Frame focusing heavily on crowd control and reducing the danger of your foes, making him quite valuable to have in your Squad. It is going to be quite exciting when Baruuk is finally released. 

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