Sea Of Thieves

How Sea Of Thieves Helped With My Depression

Time to get a little real with you all, ladies and gentleman, I suffer from depression and while it isn’t the main reason I play, video games offer a definite escape for me some of the time. After an admittedly rough week, it was time to jump back into Sea of Thieves after not playing it for literal months. 

So after a 26 GB update, I finally set sail on the gorgeous waves of the Sea of Thieves (I will always believe it is a brand of witchcraft that allows the waves to be so realistic). I generally hang out solo, both in life and in my video games and over the weekend Sea of Thieves was no exception. 

Before I started playing again I was in a pretty bad place, dwelling on things that shouldn’t be dwelt on and sinking further with each day. I didn’t want to play games in general, I didn’t want to eat, I couldn’t sleep, didn’t want to read or write. But with the release of Shrouded Spoils, I decided to force myself to play. 

Rocking on the waves and feeling the virtual wind in my virtual sails was incredibly soothing and I busied myself collecting as many Gold Hoarder voyages as I could and hunting down that sweet, sweet loot. 

I don’t know whether it was a cathartic feeling playing a game I hadn’t touched in months or the focus on solving puzzles and hunting down treasure, or a combination of both but soon I felt better. My mind wasn’t bogged down and I felt at peace which was a welcome change. 

Even when I was hunted by fellow pirates, chased my rampaging Megs and bombarded by Skelly Ships from the deep, my mind was clear. 

After playing for a couple days it was time to jump onto a Brigantine with fellow pirates, and after completing my first Skeleton Fort, dying a lot and turning in a whole lot of treasure, I was feeling content, and now have my heart set on that shark hull. I’m only 9000 Gold away!

The same could be said for today, wherein I felt a little down but sailing on the Sea of Thieves and living out my pirate fantasy calmed my mind and pushed everything else out. Mostly it is me focusing on keeping the ship on course because again, these freaking waves. 

While it isn’t a solution for what I’ve got going on mentally, it is nice to have a game that I can sink into and relax. It isn’t stressful, competitively-driven (most of the time) and I can focus on ridding my body of toxicity. 

It isn’t much but this is just a simple thank you to Rare for creating this wonderful game. 

P.S: If you are feeling down, having trouble or are assailed by bad thoughts, please talk to someone whether it be a family member, friend or professional. Please take care of yourself. 

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