As Frostfall Sets In, Valomyr Comes To Dauntless

Evolving in the radiant layers of the sky, Valomyr is a being of pure power, a being that can concentrate that power into physicality, tearing up the world, and any Slayers that get in its way. Taking down Valomyr will be no easy task. 

Relying on energy in what I equate to be a manifestation of the cover art for Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, Valomyr will require coordination and a keen eye to truly avoid the devastation it can deliver. 

Radiant Drones

Clusters of drones emit radiant beams of hard light. These can vary from walls of solid light to complex formations that are quite difficult to avoid.

Radiant Blast

 There is nothing more fearsome than pure, unadulterated power and rage, and that is exactly what Valomyr unleashes with his Radiant Blast. A wave of overwhelming energy will cascade over you, dealing hefty damage. 

Radiant Shield

In the same vein, Valomyr can concentrate the energy into a transparent geodesic shield that has the unfortunate side effect of being able to trap Slayers inside if you happen to be too close. The rest, well, they are hacking away at the shield from the outside. 


A defensive offensive, Starflies are concentrated projectiles of energy that swarm around Valomyr dealing damage whenever they collide with Slayers. 

Flash Jump

Able to dissipate their body into radiant energy, Valomyr are able to dash around the Hunting Grounds short distances, allowing them to escape damage from incoming attacks. 

If you trust your instincts and your skill, you will be rewarded with the ability to craft a new set of weapons and armour, and I hear the energised-insect look is going to be trendy in 2019. 

If you wish to read some lore about Valomyr as well as some tips and tricks for taking it down, check out the announcement post. Good luck Slayers. 

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