Meet The Monitor, A Ruthless Commander In Anthem’s Dominion

With the pure force of creation that is the Anthem, the mysteriously-vanished Shaper gods created the tumultuous world that Fort Tarsis and the Freelancers reside in. The tools the Shapers used to craft the world were abandoned, and things this powerful shouldn’t be left to their own devices.

Drawing on the power of the Anthem, these tools unleash mutated beasts, violent Shaper Storms and other deadly phenomena on a massive scale. To survive, the Javelins were built to help survive in the brutal world of Anthem.

And so Fort Tarsis and the resultant civilisation started flourishing, but all good things cannot proceed unchallenged. Enter the Dominion, a militaristic society to the North. Led by the Monitor, a merciless commander, the Dominion seeks to control the Anthem of Creation for their own ends.

Under the guise of ending the chaos and destruction, the Monitor and the Dominion that he leads will lay waste to Fort Tarsis and those that call it home if he can harness the true power of the Anthem.

We must stop him.

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