Get A Taste Of The Assassin Life In Monster Hunter: World And For Honor

Tis’ the season of giving… and surprise crossovers apparently, both for For Honor and Monster Hunter: World as they both play host to marvellous content from the Assassin’s Creed universe.

For PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players a new event quest known as ‘SDF: Silent, Deadly, Fierce’ is now live in Monster Hunter World. Fighting against a group of reckless monsters will reward you with some special items; Senu’s Feather, Bayek Layered Armour and the Assassin’s Hood tool.

Two Senu Feathers are needed to unlock both the armour and the Assassin’s Hood, requiring you to complete ‘SDF’ a grand total of four times to earn everything.

The Assassin’s Hood tool, modelled after Ezio Auditore’s hood, grants you additional speed when running or climbing after crouching with it equipped. Also, when attacking from this stealth state, you will deal enormous extra damage to monsters.

The ‘SDF’ event quest will only be available until January 10th 2019 so don’t delay. Unfortunately, PC players will have to wait until a later, unspecified date to earn the Assassin’s Creed gear.

For Honor, on the other hand, has a whole bunch of new Assassin’s Creed cosmetics and executions that tie in quite well to the setting of the game. Available for all Heroes, you can acquire the Odyssey of the Misthios Idle pose, Emote and Execution.

The Leap of Faith free-roam Emote allows your chosen Hero to leap into the air and into a magically-materialising haystack, just like the quintessential assassins.

Striking a powerful pose from both sides of the age-old conflict, all Heroes can gain their very own Ruler of the Masses Elite Outfit. With powerful Templar imagery, these warriors are not to be underestimated. Plus, the Knight truly looks wondrous due to the undeniable roots to the Knights Templar.

In the same vein, all Heroes can acquire a Champion of the People Elite Outfit, with strong assassin inspiration and imagery.

Finally, each Hero has their very own Requiescat In Pace Execution, drawing out the lethal Hidden Blade. For those who don’t know, Requiescat In Pace is Latin for ‘rest in peace’, and is what Ezio Auditore said every time he eliminated a high-profile target.

As your Hero executes foes in For Honor, you will hear those same words, in an awesome blast to the past.

Much like the Monster Hunter: World Event, you only have until January 10th to acquire all the Emotes, Executions and Outfits.

The end of 2018 is going strong with a lot of Assassin’s Creed crossovers, which can only be a good thing.

P.S: Happy New Year!!

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