Paladins: Champions of the Realm

Earn Paladins Cosmetics By Watching Mixer Streams

Players now have yet another way to earn in-game skins and other cosmetics by simply watching Paladins streams on Mixer (as the title suggests).

As long as the stream is hosted on their official channel, you will earn Mixer Points at a rate of five per hour. This does seem like quite the small rate and will hopefully be increased in the near future.

In order to earn these Mixer Points, you will have to log onto your Hi-Rez account and link it with your Mixer account. The points will automatically be attributed to your account.

Currently, there is a quest available, requiring you to earn 600 Mixer Points, which will grant you the Mixer Khan skin which you can see above. This has to be one of my favourite skins, just because of the flow and colouration of the design, and it only looks better in-game.

However, 600 MP will take you about 120 hours of watch time to accumulate and the skin and Mixer Store itself will only be available for a limited time. Hopefully, Evil Mojo gives us a respectable time limit with which to complete this.

But that isn’t all you can earn from the Mixer Store (which is accessed in Paladins, in case you are confused). The current selection includes FN-01 Erebos Fernando and High Elf Lian, and these will be rotated out to make room for differing cosmetics.

With Mixer Points you can be rewarded for watching your favourite Paladins streamers, which spreads the love on both sides of the screen.

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