Overwatch Short Story ‘Bastet’ Reveals Soldier 76 Is Gay And Teases New Skin

The latest edition to the lore of Overwatch is a delightful short story written by Michael Chu. In it, Ana encounters Soldier 76 in Cairo, with the former hiding out and protecting the people of Egypt under the moniker ‘Shrike’. Jack, on the other hand, heard tell of a bounty hunter in Egypt and had a hunch he knew it was; and of course, vengeance against Talon also played a part in his travel plans.

The story is set after Ana’s last Overwatch mission, an anti-Talon operation where she was shot by Widowmaker, and focuses on her return to the world. This story is quite well-written and will be a wonderful addition to loremasters and loreheads who love the game.

One of the bigger reveals, and something that has been seized upon quite readily by the community at large is the announcement that Soldier 76 is gay/bisexual. The story flows quite naturally around that reveal, subtly including it rather than making it an explicit focus, which is a testament to Michael Chu’s storywriting skill.

However, it is this understated approach that accentuated it all the more, which is a great move in terms of representation. You go Overwatch and Blizzard!

Players were also treated to a new skin reveal, which will undoubtedly be known as Bastet. For those who are unfamiliar with Egyptian mythology, Bastet was the goddess of the home, domesticity, women’s secrets and more.

It is likely that we will see Bastet in Overwatch in the near future, hopefully alongside additional cosmetics.

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