Vortiger, The Black Prior Is Coming To For Honor

The time to repent is over.

Hefting a large kite shield and an ornate blade, Vortiger, the Black Prior is stepping out of the shadows and into the chaos of the Year of the Harbinger. Once swayed by Apollyon and her promises of power, the order of the Holy Balaur dispersed with the former’s defeat.

Now they have returned, now they have pledged their fealty to the Knights and will carve their way across the battlefield in a glorious dance of death.

Vortiger is a heavy hero, thus he will move slow but hit hard and given the intensity of the reveal trailer, each hit will sound the toll of another banished soul.

So, how do you get this powerful new Hero? If you happen to hold the Season 3 Pass, he will be unlocked automatically on January 31st with the onset of the Year of the Harbinger.

For everyone else, Vortiger will be unlockable for 15,000 Steel on February 7th.

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