Warframe Devstream 122 Teased A Content-Packed Year

In a big way, it is the Year of the Lotus in Warframe with three new Frames scheduled for a 2019 release, along with enough content to fill a Railjack.

Two of the upcoming trio of Void-wielding space-ninjas were revealed in Devstream 122: Hildryn and Wisp. Wisp is still an enigma at this point, serenading us with her outstanding design but otherwise, remaining shrouded in mystery.

Hildryn, on the other hand, is a tank-style Frame that utilises her own Shield pool to use her abilities, as opposed to using Energy. And instead of coming with her own set of normal Primary, Secondary and Melee weaponry, Hildryn comes with a great big Archwing cannon to decimate her foes. It is quite reminiscent of Master Chief when he tears off a mounted turret.

While on the topic of new characters entering the game, Warframe is going to be graced with a new zone, known as the Planes of Duviri, which will also play host to a brand new enemy faction. Based on the above teaser, they already look arrogant and it is going to be fun tearing them apart with Wisp and Hildryn.

Planes of Duviri is scheduled for a Fall release, so Spring for all you fellow Aussies.

The Wolf of Saturn Six is a new Alert-style system which will introduce daily and weekly challenges, provided to you by a unique new character. According to the official Overview, this system will run similarly to Syndicates, with players able to earn reputation and claim rewards. Further adding to the cool factor is that the story will unfold through an in-game animated comic that will also conveniently introduce us to a new villain.

And finally, feast your eyes upon this amazing piece of concept art for the New War cinematic quest that will be launching later this year. Motion Capture of all the delectable cinematic scenes is beginning incredibly soon.

And that is just scratching the surface of what players have to look forward to in 2019. Melee 3.0, Railjacks, improvements to Archwing and the Trading UI, and even potential solo extraction from endless missions like Survival.

With each piece of content and each update to the game, Warframe only gets better. Here’s to a great 2019.

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