Paladins Is Entering The End Times

With the last Warder, Imani having been summoned, and Jenos pulling the strings behind the scenes, the conflict between the Paladins and the Magistrate is reaching a fever pitch. The perfect setting for a brand new event, known as End Times.

End Times revolves around a large tear in reality that has appeared in the Shattered Desert, which both sides of the conflict are attempting to control. Thus, End Times features a new game mode, similar to ‘King of the Hill’. This mode tasks players with capturing and holding a point for as long as possible. Whenever this mysterious tear relocates to a new point on the map, it bends reality in mysterious ways that will have to be overcome.

If you played the Siege of Ascension Peak event, you may remember the limited roster of Champions players had access to; lore-wise only a few Champs on each side fought in the conflict. End Times runs in the same way, with a handful of Paladins, and Magistrate forces, and a sprinkling of neutral Champions being playable. The good news is that as the event continues, new rosters of Champions will be swapped in, for replayability and variety.

Over the duration of End Times, which will run for two patch cycles, multiple Quest chains will be cycled in and out, enabling players to earn Chrono-Shards. Chrono-Shards are the event currency and can be used to unlock new MVP Poses, Sprays, Emotes, Loading Frames, Avatars, a Death Stamp and two brand new Epic skins, including the above Omega Makoa.

The second skin players can earn this way hasn’t been announced yet, but will most likely make an appearance half-way through the event. The second Epic skin is coincidentally the final cosmetic you can earn from End Times, requiring a lofty 240 Chrono-Shards to unlock.

Omega Makoa requires just 120, which can be reached with the purchase of the three new Bundles. Each Bundle comes with 40 Chrono-Shards, as well as a mechanised Omega skin, and is priced at 400 Crystals a pop.

With the arrival of an event that is set in the desert, it’s hardly surprising that Sha Lin, the Desert Shadow is making an appearance; even if he has taken on a new persona as Omega Sha Lin.

Despite being released fairly recently, and having got an Epic skin as part of the Christmas event, Dredge is back with his Omega variant, which is giving off serious Hades vibes.

Throwback to Sauron anyone? The final Bundle skin is Omega Terminus, looking positively terrifying with his new axe, which just continually seems to outdo itself in terms of lethal appearances.

What has been noticed is that a lot of these Champions have been given a large number of skins, particularly recently, which has left some players a bit irritated. All we can do right now is trust that Evil Mojo have big plans for some of those that have been left out in the cold; aka Barik.

The final cosmetic is going to hidden within a brand new Chest, the Senpai Chest, which has the most over-the-top ‘cute’ design by far.

Costing 100 Crystals per roll and hoarding favourites such as Dragoncaller Cassie, Demon Slayer Zhin and the new title ‘was a mistake’, the Senpai Chest holds a brand new Jenos skin.

Gentleman Jenos, is an utterly magical-looking cosmetic, to add to his already extensive wardrobe (and I say that as someone who is getting a Jenos tattoo to accompany his existing Seris one). The Senpai Chest, and Gentleman Jenos will be arriving on February 27th, midway through the Patch.

And what Event would be complete without a brand new Siege map, appropriately known as the Shattered Desert.

Players will battle amongst the temple ruins and tall cliffs of the Shattered Desert, attempting to control those dangerous tears in reality.

Patch 2.02 also marks the arrival of crossplay and cross progression! Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch players will be able to share the same lobbies and enjoy intense matches together. If you don’t wish to have crossplay enabled, you can turn it off in your settings. And with keyboard and mouse support for Xbox One players, the playing field is a lot more level.

Cross progression capability will now allow the progression of your linked account across both Xbox One and PC, and yes that includes keeping your accrued cosmetics.

Expect End Times to arrive mid to late February, keeping with the new extended testing cycle, which gives players plenty of time to get hyped.

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