The Last Word Has Landed In Destiny 2, Amid Whisperings Of Thorn

It’s a good day for Annual Pass owners as the Last Draw quest, acquired from the Drifter, opens up a path to gain this coveted weapon, a remnant of a gunslinging age.

The Last Word is a weapon that is tied to the lore quite strongly, being the chosen gun of the Hunter, Shin Malphur. Anyone who has read the story of Shin Malphur and Dredgen Yor (ahhh Grimoire Cards, how I miss you), will know that the two legendary figures stood toe-to-toe, Light and Dark, Good and Evil, Last Word and Thorn.

Because you cannot have The Last Word, without Thorn, which was teased in the Last Word trailer.

Thorn was the darkness-infused version of Rose, another Hand Cannon that was corrupted, along with Dredgen. For those who are unfamiliar, or haven’t suffered through PVP in Destiny 1, Thorn has a unique ability, namely that it can deal damage over time, poisoning and damaging for quite a long time.

This was balanced after some time, but the distinctive ‘twang’ of Thorn will forever live on traumatically in the minds of many Guardians.

One thing is for certain, Thorn is coming back and with the close connection that The Drifter has with Dredgen, at least conceptually, the Thorn, and teased Rose could be making their appearances in the Season of the Drifter.

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