Warframe Devstream #123 Reveals Hildryn’s Abilities

Baruuk, the Reluctant Warrior is settling in nicely to the ever-growing roster of Warframe, but it’s time to look to the future, and the future is with Hildryn and Wisp. In case you are unfamiliar, Hildryn and Wisp are two new Frames that lay on the near horizon, with Hildryn getting quite the showcase with the streaming of Devstream 123.
Hildryn’s Passive provides Shield Gating on her standard shields as well as her overshields. On that note, and before we get into the details of her abilities, Hildryn has a substantial Shield pool, which operates as her Energy. In this way, Hildryn can utilise Energy pickups to recharge her Shields. Hildryn’s first ability is known as Balefire, which summons her Balefire Exalted weapon, which charges up and doles out lethal energy blasts. Each blast consumes a portion of her Shields. Further adding to the lethality, the Balefire can be modded. Shield Pillage, Hildryn’s second ability, creates a pulse of energy that rockets out, eventually returning to Hildryn. On its way back, Shield Pillage will steal Shields and Armour off enemies, as well as cleansing allies, and Hildryn herself, of any accumulated status effects.
Haven, working well with Shield Pillage, deals damage to enemies in range, according to how much of their Shields you have stripped from them. Any allies in range also have their Shields restored, and if they’re lucky, could even get a little something extra.
Aegis Storm, gets Hildryn airborne, deal damage to enemies below via multiple energy beams. Flying higher will deal more damage but will shrink the radius of effect. Likewise, the lower you fly, the more enemies you will damage, but less damage will be done.
Much like past Frames who have been released with a weapon or weapons, Hildryn gets her own unique armament, only this is a giant energy-firing space cannon…an Archcannon. These are Archwing Weapons that can be utilised by a Warframe without needing to be Archwinged-up.
Devstream 123 also provided us with the first in-game look of Wisp, unfortunately without any details on abilities. For now, the badass and almost-whimsical look of Wisp will have to suffice. There are also new cosmetics arriving in Warframe, known as Ephemera, which add a little more flair to your chosen space-ninja. In the stream, the Smoking Body Ephemera, which, as you can guess, sends sinister billows of smoke cascading around Frames, was mentioned to be acquired from the Stalker. While the Shocking Step, sending lightning crackling out from every footprint, was kept hush-hush in terms of acquisition.
Even more exciting than the imminent release of two new amazing Frames is the onset of Warframe’s Sixth Anniversary. Beginning in February, players can band together to cull as many of the Grineer, Corpus, and Infested as possible. The trio of Alerts will run for one weekend each, rewarding, from left to right, Ten Meso S9 Relics, Ten Axi N6 Relics, and Ten Neo S10 Relics. If the Alert Status Bar reaches 100%, a bonus weekend will be unlocked for all players in March, providing Double Affinity, Double Credits, and Double Resources, respectively. Time for Tenno to band together yet again, celebrating the only way we know how, gratuitous murder for more stuff.

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