I Cannot Wait To Dive Into Rage 2

This past week, we saw a few more snippets of gameplay from the highly anticipated apocalyptic adventure: Rage 2. And if I wasn’t excited before I saw those videos, I sure as hell am now.

The smaller of the two focused on the ability combos and assorted weapons, and my gosh they are simply superb.

There is something incredible about the way the combat of Rage 2 flows together, combining the gunplay and destructive abilities into one giant recipe for mayhem. Who wouldn’t want to launch themselves aggressively skyward, only to slam down onto enemies in a spectacular spray of blood, gristle, and Wilhelm screams?

One of the highlights for me is the Gravity Gun, just seeing it in action has the creative side of my brain firing on all cylinders. For those unfamiliar, the Gravity Gun allows you to pepper objects with bullets, to create crazy explosions of carnage. The gameplay showcase video shows a particular scenario that I cannot stop watching; hostiles are showered with these special bullets, a couple bullets are shot into the sky, followed shortly by the aforementioned hostiles.

That, in a nutshell, is what has me so excited about Rage 2. It doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously, showing off a truly lawless and post-apocalyptic landscape that isn’t overly dark and brooding.

At the end of January, about 15 minutes of new gameplay emerged showing off a series of missions that begin with your arrival in the city of Wellspring, and show off two key staples of the game: Mutant Bash TV, and Chazcar Derby. Both of these are crazy in their own rights, with one being an intensely crazy death race, while the other is a mad free-for-all where you blow apart mutants.

And for what? Not just as a side activity. But to get famous enough to get into a club where we meet someone who can only be described as a mess.

Towards the end of the gameplay, we are shown quite a large-scale boss fight, wherein all of the techniques you acquire through play, all your abilities, and all your weaponry become worth more than gold.

Rage 2 thoroughly reminds me of Borderlands 2, with the over-arching and mostly serious story, pockmarked constantly with humour, and gratuitous violence. It is what the gaming world needs more of, and I definitely cannot wait until May 14th.

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