Paladins’ Newest Frontline, Atlas, Man Out Of Time, Revealed

Saying that someone is ‘Out of Time’ is often perceived to be a bad thing, an indicator of older principles, but with Paladins’ newest Frontline, it’s marvellous.

Emerging from a future time, where the world has been consumed by the darkness that is the Abyss, Atlas has stepped back to what he senses as the turning point; brought into the present Realm through one of the portals that plague the Shattered Desert.

The reveal trailer for Atlas, lays out the backstory of his return in the definitive style of Paladins, telling the short tale in a storybook-like fashion. While the trailer was awesome, what stuck out was the transformation to a more animated and fluid style, after Atlas entered the past. Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest impact.

In Atlas’ original timeline, he studied books on Crystal Magic, learning and mastering the art of manipulating and controlling time. Able to summon a wall that slows the pace of enemy bullets and arrows, reversing time for himself and his foes, and even being able to banish hostiles out of time, Atlas is a formidable foe.

Then there’s Atlas’ weapon, his gun arm, bearing a similarity to our much beloved Grandpa Torvald, and his Runic Gauntlet. Atlas holds sway with four different firing modes, depending on how long each shot is charged.

According to the PlayStation blog, Atlas can unleash both a precise single shot, as well as a rapid-fire burst of energy. This may mean that his other two firing modes may be some variation of that, getting thinner the longer the gun arm is charged.

Update: Atlas’ Abilities

Atlas’s gunarm is known as his Chrono-Cannon, which is very appropriate being that Chronos is a personification of time. It fires more accurately depending on how long it’s charged for, up to 1.5 seconds. Chrono-Cannon fires automatically at full charge.

His alt-fire is known as Setback, which blasts foes with a concentration of Chronon Energy that reverts enemies back to where they were four seconds prior, complete with their lowest health at that point. Think of Cassie’s Disengage, but with the added fun of time.

Second Chance is similar to Setback but it only affects Atlas. Flinging him five seconds into the past and restoring his health to the highest point during those seconds, Atlas gets a second chance to carve his way through his foes.

All Front Lines need a shield ability and Atlas has Stasis Field, a barrier of time that nullifies all ranged attacks, such as bullets and arrows, for five seconds.

Atlas’ Ultimate is Exile, supercharging his Chronon Accelerator. Each weapon shot will banish enemies out of time for four seconds, during which time they cannot be interacted with by allies or opponents. Use strategically.

The exclusive PlayStation reveal post had a few additional tidbits along with the first official reveal of Atlas. Namely, that along with the arrival the ‘Future’s End’ update, apparently the biggest update in Paladins history, we will be getting a Battle Byte Battle Pass, delivering 8-Bit retro goodness.

Coming back to the present, as players fight for control in the End Times Event, another skin has been revealed, perhaps being the reward for earning 240 Chrono Shards in the new game mode.

Despite just being released a short while ago, Imani is getting her first Epic skin, Omega, complete with a cybernetic dragon which looks utterly remarkable.

With the ‘Future’s End’ Update Show premiering tomorrow, it will be exciting to see what Evil Mojo has in store for players in this next chapter of the game. Hopefully, more bug fixes.

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