Paladins: Champions of the Realm

The Realm Is Lost With Paladins’ Future’s End Update

Atlas has stepped through the rifts, returning from a world that has been lost to the Abyss, into one where the very future hangs in the balance and interacting with his young father at the same time. Atlas and Lex are going to have some interesting voice lines to be sure.

The Future’s End patch is, according to Evil Mojo, the largest update ever done in Paladins history, and with the large volume of bug fixes, balance changes, and new cosmetics, it’s not a hard thing to believe.

The Hunt initiative is doing its work well eliminating an abundance of bugs, both Champion specific and General, but a moment must be shared for the elimination of the Pip bug which affected his Potion. Support mains (myself included) can now breathe a big sigh of relief.

Evil Mojo have also taken the liberty and rewritten the code that runs the pre-game match lobby, fixing a lot of long-standing bugs, such as being unable to select Champions, or Champions being greyed out. Hooray for progress. The patch notes hold the full list of bug fixes and balance changes, which are substantial, but for now, let’s get to the fun stuff.

The End Times Event will be continuing with the arrival of Future’s End, bringing with it more chances to earn Chrono Shards, and more cosmetics. Omega Imani is one such Epic skin, available, for free, if you can earn 240 Chrono Shards. She will be arriving during the mid-patch update.

Also arriving during the mid-patch update is Omega Koga, bearing a strong resemblance to Alcatraz, the protagonist of Crysis 2. Omega Koga, as with all the incoming Omega skins, will cost 400 Crystals and include 40 Chrono Shards apiece. Arrayed against his former master (because we know that sword anywhere) Omega Koga offers a perfect segway into the next cosmetic.

Behold Omega Zhin in all his glory, complete with an illuminated plume. While the constant additions of robotic themed skins are getting a little tiresome at this point, Omega Zhin looks minimalistic-yet-badass enough to get a pass.

The final Omega skin belongs to Vivian, who is finally getting some cool-looking drones, as opposed to just floating masses of inert technology. There is personality, pizazz, and a certain je ne sais quois.

Like stated above, each new Omega skin, aside from Imani, will cost 400 Crystals each and offers the opportunity to earn 120 Chrono Shards if you purchase them all.

The arrival of Future’s End marks the end of the Battle Suit Battle Pass, and the beginning of the Battle Byte Battle Pass. Full of 8-bit retro goodness, the Battle Byte Pass throws back to a bygone age of gaming.

Much like previous Battle Passes, you can progress through it for free, picking up rewards, or you can purchase it, earning the bigger, more valuable prizes. Upon purchasing the Battle Byte Battle Pass, you will gain instant access to the 8-Bit Speeder Mount (hopefully without movement bug), Retrocade Animated Loading Frame, Winner Winner 3D Spray, and a 50% boost to Battle Pass experience.

More importantly, you will gain access to three new Epic skins of, well, epic proportions. Getting a taste of the human side of things, and drawing a rather startling connection to Lian, upon reaching level 10, Battle Byte Inara is unlocked. That staff is definitely next level.

Completely with an abundance of input cables, and a colourful D-pad, Battle Byte Bomb King is utterly adorable and transcendently whimsical. Remember, Bomb King also has a history of receiving audio on his Ultimate, and, if we’re lucky, that will be repeated with Battle Byte. Battle Byte Bomb King can be earned at level 30.

Rounding out the set at level 50, Battle Byte Fernando is definitely the cream of the crop, and draws parallels to Kaiser Sea Horse from Yu-Gi-Oh, at least for me.

As always, there are five tiers of challenges for players to tackle. Completing all five tiers will reward players the limited ‘Byte Me’ title. If you’ve purchased the Battle Pass, upon reaching level 50, you will gain access to a new 50-level path, complete with additional challenges. Completing all of these will unlock ‘The Final Boss’ title, along with many other rewards.

But where are my manners, we cannot neglect to mention that two new Golden Mastery skins will be making their way into the Realm during Future’s End, for Atlas and Bomb King respectively. Bomb King, in particular, looks fantastic.

Arriving towards the end of May, Future’s End is rapidly advancing, bringing with it excitement, and despair for my poor wallet and lack of self-control. The update will arrive on PTS in the next few weeks, but don’t forget to complete your Battle Suit Battle Passes if you haven’t already.

Safe Tides Realmlings.

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