Overwatch’s Newest Support Hero Revealed: Baptiste

War is hell and often has ways of twisting men and women in unforeseen ways.

Overwatch’s Baptiste was one of those countless millions left orphaned after the destruction and terror of the Omnic Wars, twisting his childhood, into one of survival, one of the ‘kill or be killed’ mentality.

Twisted by war, and recruited by Talon, Baptiste was one of their best, a hybrid Damage-Dealer and Medic. Deserting the ranks of Talon, Baptiste has a newfound purpose; to make the world a better place, one bandage, or one bullet at a time.

Baptiste’s abilities haven’t yet been revealed or shown off as of yet, but in the above image, we can see him holding a healing canister and drum-barrelled weapon.

Speculation would lead, naturally, to the conclusion that the canister is a toss down Heal, delivering a burst of health on impact. The weapon, on the other hand, bears a strong resemblance to a grenade launcher, particularly in the additional stock bracing. Although, it could even be some form of drum-barrelled machine gun like the SAW from Halo.

Players will just have to wait until Baptiste emerges on the PTS to confirm what his abilities are. All we have to go on right now is the ever-infuriating ‘Coming Soon’ addendum, provided by Blizzard.

Ability Update

In the latest Overwatch Developer Update, Jeff Kaplan formally introduced Baptiste as the 30th Hero and went through his abilities. His weapon is known as the Medic SMG, a mid-range gun that fires in a three-round burst. Baptiste’s alternate fire utilises a Biotic Launcher which fires a healing grenade.

Doing splash healing wherever it hits, the healing grenade can only affect your allies within the grenade’s radius, it cannot heal Baptiste himself. As the roster stands, it may be too much of an advantage if it could.

His first ability is known as Regenerative Burst, affecting your allies, and Baptiste himself with a heal-over-time. The second ability is known as Immortality Field, seeing Baptiste launch a specialised device that emits a large, visible cylinder. Baptiste and allied Heroes standing within the cylinder cannot drop below a certain percentage of health. Enemy Ults can become ineffectual, as well as general attacks. However, the device creating the Immortality Field, resting in the centre of the cylinder, can still be destroyed.

Baptiste’s Exo Boots, grant him an impressive jump height and a way to survey the battlefield. By simply crouching, you build up energy in a jump meter; if you press your jump button while crouching, depending on how much your jump meter has filled, you will launch into the air.

Finally, his Ultimate is known as Amplification Matrix, allowing you to place a large structure that can be shot through by your allies. Damage done by allied weaponry passing through the Amplification Matrix is significantly boosted, further enhanced by any additional buffs, like Ana’s Biotic Grenade.

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