Journey To The Galar Region In Pokemon Shield and Pokemon Sword

Happy Pokemon Day, Trainers!

With a special Pokemon Direct, the first details and gameplay were released for the upcoming Pokemon games, Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. Set in the Galar region, deriving heavy influence from Britain including some steam-powered apparati, players will traverse through a multitude of different environments, including icy mountains, idyllic countrysides, and hidden mines.

Gorgeous 3D rendering has transformed the look and feel of Pokemon and is the perfect way to experience the beauty of the new region. Based on the short seven-minute video, it seems like, at this point, the formula is relatively unchanged, with Trainers striving to become Champion of the Galar region.

Undoubtedly we will come across a deeper-lying sinister plot by an evil organisation, which players will thwart with help from an abundance of unique new Pokemon.

The three starters Trainers will be able to choose from when beginning their adventure in Galar, were revealed in the Pokemon Direct, having a lot of personality and looking utterly adorable.

The Water-Lizard Sobble is a shy Pokemon, attacking foes from its watery hiding place.

Grookey, the Grass-Chimp definitely seems like a mischievous trouble-maker, running amok amongst the cities of Galar.

Then we have Scorbunny, the Fire-Rabbit, bursting with barely contained energy, and confidence.

Scheduled for release late 2019, for the Nintendo Switch, Pokemon Sword and Shield are the first iterations of the main series on the console, and it will be amazing seeing what Nintendo can do to reinvigorate the franchise.

What is known is that the floodgates have opened, and we will be inundated with a plentiful supply of Pokemon info over the coming months. Fingers crossed Pokemon Bank will still function so we can bring our old Pokemon with us on this new journey.

4 thoughts on “Journey To The Galar Region In Pokemon Shield and Pokemon Sword

  1. After Let’s Go disappointed me to no end I’m super happy about this right now. I’ll be playing Ultra Sun in the meantime while I wait for more details on Sword & Shield to release :).


    1. I didn’t end up buying Let’s Go (I stay true to the main generations…and Pokemon Dungeon…and Pokemon Ranger when that was a thing). I don’t think you’ll have to wait long. I remember the year of the Sun and Moon release, I think every two weeks there was more revealed!


      1. I kind of feel that way about Ultra Moon, I still haven’t finished it… You are missing out! I don’t know how well it aged but I had a lot of fun, and a lot of stress when a particularly large Pokemon appeared 😂


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