Undertake Gambit Prime And The Reckoning In Destiny 2’s Season Of The Drifter

Beginning on March 5th, the Season of the Drifter will open up a whole new world of competitive PVP and PVE Destiny 2 content, feeding off each other, with the Drifter conveniently in the middle.

Providing content for Destiny 2 owners, Forsaken owners, and Annual Pass owners, Season of the Drifter has something for all Guardians, great and small.

To help players reach and begin enjoying the new content, Season of the Drifter introduces Power Surge bounties for Annual Pass holders. As the name suggests, these bounties provide a boost to Power upon completion, allowing players to reach 640 within the first hour or two of play.

You are definitely going to want to reach this cap to enjoy the cyclic content Season of the Drifter has to offer: Gambit Prime, and The Reckoning.

Gambit Prime is the stepped-up version of the popular game mode, requiring more teamwork, more precision, and cemented roles. Operating over a single round, the stakes, and intensity is heightened in Gambit Prime. Guardians will be able to drain motes from the enemy team, while the Primeval phase will feature new mechanics that force Guardians to truly work together.

Specialised game roles have been given new significance in Gambit Prime. These roles have always been present in the original Gambit, but Bungie has created new armour sets that really accentuate those specialities.

The roles are clearly shown off by the glowing snake design, the symbol of The Drifter, allowing you to determine, at a glance, what a particular Guardian is focusing on during a match.

The Collector, characterised by a divine white light, skates around the battlefield collecting motes and sending Blockers over to the enemy team.

The Invader, sharpened by the vicious blood-like red, is the chosen Guardian to venture into the unknown, to challenge the opposing team and eliminate them.

The Sentry, blazing with the power of a captured sun, is responsible for eliminating Taken, clearing hostile Blockers, and foes that assist the Primeval.

Finally, we have the Reaper, a force of death and violence, casting foes into the silent void, wrapped in a shroud of bright green.

The armour will most likely provide you special perks that are beneficial to your role, but you can only get these armour pieces through The Reckoning.

Hidden within Drifter’s ship is a portal to a new area, and PVE game mode controlled by The Nine.

In what promises to be lore-filled content, Season of the Drifter will explore the relationship between The Nine and Drifter, who are, interestingly enough, working together.

The Reckoning is a PVE experience that requires you to stay alert and really work as a squad. As soon as you drop into Reckoning, you will be assailed from all sides with no quarter given. Racing against a timer, your Guardian team must battle through the unending legions, for an unknown purpose.

As you progress through the Season of the Drifter, and the cyclic nature of Gambit Prime and The Reckoning, you will unlock Tier 2 and Tier 3 of the latter, increasing difficulty, as well as reward.

Rewards such as Doomsday, a snakeskin covered grenade launcher that will decimate your foes, Guardian and alien alike. As the weeks draw on, completing The Reckoning runs will net you the soon-to-be-coveted glowing Gambit Prime armour.

Season of the Drifter will present new Exotic quests for Guardians to complete and chase after, including the infamous Thorn. In the case of Thorn, its quest will arrive in the second week of SotD, soon to fill Gambit and the Crucible with the familiar ringing twang of poisoned rounds.

Season of the Drifter is looking terrific, with plenty of content to be excited about, marring the lines between PVE and PVP, with plenty of lore to fill in the gaps. Only a few more days to wait, Guardians.

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