Alerts Have Been Replaced In Warframe’s Nightwave Update

Alerts have been a staple of Warframe for quite a while but it’s time for them to move on, as Nora Night and her Nightwave broadcast move in. Bringing the lesser known stories from all over the Origin System, Nora Night has challenges waiting for Tenno of all shapes and creeds.

Encompassing Digital Extreme’s version of ‘Seasons’, Nightwave’s Series are story-driven arcs that open up new challenges, weapons, and rewards. The current Series, Wolf of Saturn Six, revolves around Wolf, an ambitious and deadly Grineer convict, the only one to ever escape the Saturn Six Max-Pen.

Over the course of a Series, players can complete Acts, earning them reputation similar to how Syndicates and other vendors function. Each Series has a collection of 30 reward tiers, supplying Tenno with Noggles, Armour Sets, Wolf Creds, Weapon Slots, and even an Umbra Forma.

The Acts are split up into three main categories and provide reputation accordingly. Daily Acts are rotated daily, including challenges such as killing 150 Enemies with Heat, rewarding 1000 rep upon completion. Weekly Acts step it up a notch with tasks like Kill 500 Enemies, for 3000 rep. Elite Weekly Acts reward a massive 5000 rep but are the toughest challenges, like completing a Sortie with a Clan Member or taking down a Hydrolyst.

The rewards for each Series are only temporary and will vanish after that particular story arc is over, so if you want the top-tier rewards you will have to hustle.

Wolf Creds are a new currency that allows you to purchase Nightwave Cred Offerings, essentially the most wanted rewards from the Alert System, like Alternate Helmets, Aura Mods etc. A side note with the Wolf Creds; they are limited to the Series in which they are earned and will reset with the start of a new Series.

One of the cooler things about Nightwave is that the story transfers into regular missions. In the case of Wolf of Saturn Six, playing standard missions will sometimes spawn in either groups of Saturn Six Fugitives or Wolf himself. While his appearance is very rare, killing Wolf will allow you to start collecting the pieces for, and building, the Wolf Sledge. But like the Series itself, Wolf and his hammer won’t be around forever.

Opening a new world of challenges and lore, each Series will be interconnected and add to the wide world of Warframe, while still allowing Tenno to get their grind on and collect new rewards.

In the words of our favourite pirate radio broadcaster, “Acts of defiance, acts of generosity, acts of sacrifice… this is how we turn this system ’round. I’ll take you there, Dreamers. I’ll bring you back”

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