The Boreus Behemoth Is Coming To Dauntless…And It’s Brought Friends

With a powerful chill, and bellowing a fearsome challenge, the Boreus is coming to Dauntless, heralded by three distinct and deadly creatures.

For you see, the Boreus is a massive frost-charged Behemoth able to psionically control flying minions. These will harass and seriously damage Slayers who seek to challenge Boreus.

Facing off with Slayers using tooth, claw, and vicious horn, the Boreus hides its biggest surprise for when it is threatened. Surrounding itself in a thick, impenetrable layer of aetheric ice, Boreus is immune from all forms of Slayer attack. The only way to take down this frosty armour is to deal with his posse.

Priming themselves with destructive aetheric energy, the Bombers will explode to deal damage to Slayers, and often, other minions.

Spitting (the name makes sense now right?) icy projectiles at their foes, the Spitters can take down unaware Slayers, with ease.

The angry berserkers of the trio, Stalkers like to get up close and personal, lashing out at foes with their razor sharp legs, making them particularly susceptible to close quarters weaponry.

Successfully taking down the Boreus can lead you down a loot-filled path, with the new frosty armour sets…just look at those ice-horns.

One thing is for sure, the Boreus is coming and isn’t going to go down without a particularly rough fight.

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