Get Caught In The Overgrowth: Dauntless’ Hunt Pass Season 3 Has Begun

Vines and moss have begun to creep into Ramsgate. As the last of the snow melts into nothingness, the Shattered Isles is filled with lush green – the colour of vitality and life.

Having begun on March 13th, Overgrowth is based around the mystical prowess of the Farslayers, the newest faction to enter Ramsgate. The Basic Track of the Hunt Pass is free for all Slayers, while the Elite Track costs 1000 Platinum. However, by completing both the Basic and Elite Tracks you can earn back 500 Platinum.

Levelling up your Hunt Pass is a simple matter of collecting Emerald Leaves, which you can earn four ways.

  • Complete a Daily Challenge: 5 Emerald Leaves.
  • Complete a Weekly Challenge: 150 Emerald Leaves.
  • Collect an Aethersprout: 5 Emerald Leaves.
  • Break a Behemoth Part: 0-30 Emerald Leaves.

Aethersprouts are small pod-like growths that can be found throughout Ramsgate. You can find up to ten Aethersprouts per day for a total of 50 Emerald Leaves.

But what about the rewards?

Over the course of the Elite Track, Slayers can earn Farslayer Armour and Weapon Transmogs, piece by piece. That helmet is too marvellous to let slip away.

No matter whether you are a fan of Hammers, Axes, War Pikes, or Chain Blades, there is a Weapon Transmog for you. Even the deadly Ostian Repeaters are getting their first Transmog, Wild Cry.

There are even two brand new titles for Slayers to earn and brandish – Wildlander at Level 45 and Spirit of the Forest at Level 50.

However, bellowing a challenge against the happy Overgrowth season, the new Behemoth, Boreus has emerged, bringing with him his own personal air support.

So how do Slayers best stay frosty against this new icy foe? In their latest Development Update, Phoenix Labs detailed a few weapon changes.

Fans of the Hammer will be happy to know that aside from dealing deadly blunt-force damage to any Behemoth unfortunate enough to cross their path, they will also be able to utilise a devastating Aetherslam. You know, for Aether-infused blunt-force damage.

On the other hand, the vicious Axe wielders will soon be able to toss their weapon in a precise boomerang-style assault, having it return to them soon after.

And as part of their commitment to the wonders of Dauntless cross play, the console release (Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Epic Games Store) has been moved from a tentative April release date to summer of 2019. For all my fellow Australians, it will ship sometime in winter. This gives Phoenix Labs more time to optimise and improve their One Dauntless vision and to ensure players get the best possible experience.

So, what are you waiting for Slayers? There are Emerald Leaves to hoard, Transmogs to collect, and Behemoths to devastate with the arrival of Hunt Pass Season 3: Overgrowth.

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