Seto Kaiba Is Coming To Jump Force

Announced as the first paid DLC character for Jump Force, Seto Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh will be entering the ring, clearly to take down Yugi as the number one duellist.

While his moveset has not yet been officially confirmed or unveiled, there is plenty of speculation going around.

Undoubtedly, Kaiba will be coming to Jump Force with his Blue Eyes White Dragon, that much is a given. There could also be a potential Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, given how much of his character in the anime is related to those two monsters.

Given how Yugi is able to control Slifer the Sky Dragon, it is highly likely that Kaiba will bring the tremendous power of Obelisk the Tormentor to the battlefield.

Update: Screenshots of Kaiba using his abilities were released, and as expected the Blue Eyes White Dragon and Obelisk Tormentor made a triumphant appearance. Kaiba is ready, once-again to challenge the King of Games.

Based on the newly released Update Schedule, Seto Kaiba will be arriving in May, as part of the paid Character Pass, along with two other playable fighters.

It is likely players will get more concrete information surrounding Kaiba and the two mystery fighters in the coming months. Along with that, May will also see the arrival of a new fighting arena known as World Tournament Stage and a Raid Boss Event.

The only thing to wait for now is the inevitable, dramatic order of “Blue Eyes. Attack with White Lightning”.

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