Apex: Legends Welcomes A New High-Octane Character, Octane

Octane is the newest playable character to arrive in Apex: Legends and in a nutshell, he is all about death-defying stunts and sheer speed. The heir of a the preoccupied CEO of Silva Pharmaceuticals, Octavia Silvio attempted to set a new record for a nearby gauntlet, using a grenade…which summarily destroyed both of his legs.


Guilting his friend Ajay Che into replacing his broken limbs with new biotic ones, Octavia decided to step in the adrenaline-fuelled world. No more stunts, it was time for the Apex Games.

In case you haven’t caught on, Octane, as he is now known, is all about speed, quick plays, and literally running circles around his opponents. Octane’s passive, Swift Mend, allows him to regenerate health over time, perfect for ducking in and out of combat.

Pairing with an endless supply of Stim, Octane can move 30% faster for six seconds. However, since it involves him stabbing a giant needle into his body, Stim costs health to use.

Octane’s Ultimate ability is Launch Pad, deploying a jump pad that can send Octane and his team, sky-high. Keep moving, and keep your enemies guessing where you are going to appear next.

Merging craziness with swift speeds, and incredible abilities, Octane is a choice character for those players who want to live on the edge.

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