Sea Of Thieves

Sea Of Thieves Is Sailing Towards Bright Shores With Their Anniversary Update

After a year full of ups, and downs, pirate legends and pirate foes, Sea of Thieves has officially past its one year anniversary. What better way to celebrate a year of pirating than with a jam-packed update?

The Anniversary Update trailer says very little, nothing in fact, but it tells much.

First of all, Sea of Thieves will be getting a series of story-centric quests known as Tall Tales. With the release of each Tall Tale collection, players will seek out valuable treasures, stories shrouded in legend, and undoubtedly vicious beasties. The first collection, released with the arrival of the Anniversary Update will be known as Shores of Gold and tasks you to find a mythical place of the same name.

For the PVP players, the Arena will be open for business, pitting crews against each other in pitched, vicious naval battles. The Arena will be run by the charming DeMarco and will require crews to sail in search of treasure, attempting to gather more than their opponents, all while shooting them down.

While the Arena lies under the jurisdiction of the Sea Dogs, there will be another Trading Company entering the Sea of Thieves. Known as The Hunter’s Call, they have covered their tracks well, waiting for the right time to emerge into the light. Coincidentally, that time will be April 16th, with Rare putting on a special livestream to reveal these new figures and the new ways to progress to Pirate Legend.

That’s not all the Anniversary Update will bring! A very popular request from players was the ability to fish, and what do you know, players will soon be able to cast their lines into the deep, whether from shore or ship, and catch colourful underwater creatures.

It is possible that fishing and subsequent catches could be traded into The Hunter’s Call in exchange for experience.

Stepping onto the decks of player ships, and it seems the masts are a little unstable. It seems if you manage to score enough direct hits on a mast pole, it will send it toppling to the ground, reducing manoeuvrability and speed. Take out all the masts and they cannot do anything but drift.

Imagine the carnage when a gunpowder-loaded crows nest hits the deck.

Finally, we have the utterly delightful harpoon gun fixture for ships. Firing a sharp blade into large beasts and presumably ships as well, players can bring another strategical element to combat scenarios by holding hostile entities in place before bombarding them with cannon fire.

The Sea of Thieves Anniversary Update will drop on the 30th of April 2019, just over a month away. Rare will undertaking special livestreams up until the launch, detailing each facet of the update in more detail.

Until then, fair winds to you all.

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