Borderlands 3

Breaking Down The Borderlands 3 Official Reveal Trailer

It has finally happened. After five years of development, Borderlands 3 has progressed far enough to be given an official launch trailer and as Torque would put it…

This is f**king awesome!”

Some time has passed since the last jaunt in the Borderlands, leading to the rise of a new enemy faction, Children of the Vault, led by the Calypso Twins, Tyreen and Troy.

The fact that the faction is known as Children of the Vault gives credence to the Battleborn story tease directing them to visit Prometea and not to open the Vaults.

Taking their icon as the upside down Vault Symbol, Calypso and The Father clearly mean business, running an entire bandit army.

So who will be playing as we jaunt across the worlds of Borderlands 3, that’s right, worlds! As the previous games have seen, we will have four new warriors to choose from, albeit without their official names.

The mysterious new Hunter, which better have something as hilarious as “Zer0 as a number”, appears to be able to control animals, with a robotically-controlled Skag, Spiderant, and cat-like beast beside him.

The deceptionist of the group, this rugged gentleman can utilise holograms but to what effect is currently unknown. He does appear to hold some form of detonator in his hand, so perhaps the holograms he sends out can be exploded.

Clearly the tech-head of the group, this young Hunter can control drones as well as pilot an incredibly destructive mechsuit. Oh, the fun we will have.

Finally, we have the new playable Siren, who looks to have some pretty impressive powers, and a more aggressive style of play.

Not to be shown up by the newcomers to town, plenty of relatively-friendly faces will be returning to Borderlands 3, including a teenaged Tiny Tina, which should be amazing.

Moxxi seems to make an appearance when the trailer flashes on Marcus and Tannis, dressed in red but with a different hairstyle. We will have to wait for more information to confirm.

After the events of Tales from the Borderlands, Rhys appears to have enlisted Zer0 into his employ, as well as an intimidating mercenary who probably still isn’t as dangerous as the former.

The official trailer unveiled the fact that we can traverse multiple worlds, and proceeded to show players several environments we will undoubtedly be shooting and looting in. These included a giant city that puts Handsome Jack’s Opportunity to shame, filled to the brim with high-tech robot warriors.

But what else does the trailer not-so-subtly show us?

A plethora of new vehicle types allowing us to completely blow apart our foes. Hovercrafts, an epic new sort of 360-rolling motorcycle, faster four-wheel drive-type vehicles, and presumably so much more.

There even appeared to be a version of the Bandit Technical firing a barrage of rockets at hostiles. Whether this will be an operable vehicle for players is still to be seen.

Gearbox also showed off a heap of new baddies and possible bossfights that players will undertake, including this large mutated T-Rex, which can breathe fire.

There will be over one billion weapons to find, including adorable weapons with legs, which is hopefully a new weapon class and not just a Vault Hunter ability, but either way it’s going to be AWESOME.

Ten weapons manufacturers will be coming to the game, according to a Tweet from the official Borderlands Twitter account, which means there will most likely be a selection from all your favourites. With the iconic three-barrel style, Vladof is definitely going to be available, as well as Maliwan elemental weapons.

There are even new weapon archetypes to be found, including the above heavy-hitter, which was shown off a few times but never quite fired. There also appeared to be a rocket launcher with multiple tracking rounds, and many interesting scopes.

The excitement for Borderlands 3 is truly real. No release date has been set as of yet but that should change within the next couple of months. This is going to one incredible adventure.

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