Get Ready For A Fashion Battle With Paladins’ Street Style Update

We’ve had Siege Battles, Christmas Battles, Abyss Battles, and now we have Fashion Battles with the incoming arrival of the Paladins Street Style update. Your goal is to complete challenges and earn fans, with more fans equalling more rewards.

Step up your fashion game with the arrival of four Street Style Bundles, each coming with a new skin that is absolutely en vogue.

Ash has needed a new skin for the longest time, and fans won’t be disappointed with her Street Style look. From the Paladins crystal belt, to those boots (which I need in a mens size 12 asap), Street Style Ash isn’t playing around.

Along with Street Style Ash, the bundle will also include the Strut Roaming Emote, 20,000 Fans, and a Flair Chest roll.

Triumphantly owning the runway, Street Style Skye (beautiful alliteration) has grown out her once-cropped hair and is taking no prisoners.

SS Skye is bundled with 20,000 Fans, a Flair Chest roll, and the Sashay Roaming Emote (yaaaass Queen).

The final bundle available for purchase is Street Style Maeve, bringing her decidedly cat-like look to the main stage. Sporting serrated knives and wearing gold-trimmed hightops (again mens size 12 please), Street Style Maeve is definitely not here to play.

The Maeve Bundle will also include the Starlet Roaming Emote, 20,000 Fans, and a Flair Chest roll.

Purchasing all three of the above Bundles will unlock the Street Style Ying bundle for free. With a cute corgi on the front of her mirror and a vibrant leather jacket, Ying has kicked her fashion game into overdrive.

Street Style Ying will also come with 20,000 Fans, a Flair Chest roll, the Trendsetter Roaming Emote, and Cluck’em Deathstamp.

The more Fans you earn, the more rewards will be unlocked for you, including the Street Frame Loading Frame. new Sprays, Avatars, and even a Street Pop Music Pack.

There will be four groups of four quests (16 total) spread out over the duration of the event, providing you with opportunities to earn more fans. The first set of quests include things such as; win one game as Maeve, and hit three players with Assert Dominance.

Based on the staggered two-week quest release schedule, we can expect the Street Style update to arrive on the 24th of April.

But maybe fashion isn’t your thing? Maybe you want to step onto the battlefield and completely annihilate your opponents. This is where Legionnaire Atlas may come in quite useful.

Costing $US7.99 the Legionnaire Atlas delivers a highly-advanced Roman-styled armour, complete with what appears to be a wolf head on the side of his Chrono-Cannon.

Beneficial for players who haven’t yet purchased or unlocked Atlas, this pack comes with 60,000 Gold, as well as a Gold Chest roll.

But, then again, maybe ultra-tech Rome isn’t your thing? Behold, Pyre Warrior Drogoz donning the the appearance of an eagle with almighty flaming wings.

Available free with Twitch Prime late in April, Pyre Warrior Drogoz is here to deliver swift justice against the Abyss and to help Furia burn away the darkness with purifying fire.

If you have never signed up for Twitch Prime before, the good news is that you can undertake a free 30-day trial, get the skin when it drops, and cancel the subscription. Or you can stay if you enjoy what Twitch Prime has to offer.

Just remember to link your Hi-Rez account and Twitch accounts so you can receive Pyre Warrior Drogoz.

Vivian will be getting her Golden Mastery Skin with the arriving of the Street Style Update, and it may just be the talent of the Evil Mojo artists, but she looks noble. However, with the slow trickle of mastery skins, it may be a while until all Champs get a sleek, gold appearance.

Now, for those that are a bit upset by the lack of skins for their favourite Champion, maybe those who tend to enjoy playing Barik. Then this one’s for you.

A Tweet shared by Paladins‘ Art Director, ThunderBrush, shows off the concept art for Steel Forged Barik, an upcoming warrior-themed skin. It is possible that Steel Forged Barik will be part of a Bundle or Battlepass, but the important thing is that he will be here soon.

Along with the abundance of new cosmetics, the Street Style update will also be bringing new balance changes, as well as bug fixes courtesy of The Hunt. These can be read via the official update notes.

That’s all for now Paladins, all we have to do now, is wait.

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