Why Borderlands 3 Is Shaping Up To Be One Of The Best Games Of This Generation

With the unveiling of the Borderlands 3 official trailer, and the highly anticipated September 13 release date, the upcoming iteration has solidified ever more as a reality. With an almost five-year gap between the releases of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and Borderlands 3, it’s clear that fans are dying for another taste of the Borderlands universe, and in my eyes, it’s easy to see why.

Fans just want more Borderlands. Fans want more shooting and more looting. Some players want the gritty, dark humour of Borderlands 1, while others want the wackier humour of Borderlands 2. Personally, I need more Torgue. But the ultimate consensus is that players want more Borderlands.

This is what, in my opinion, makes Borderlands 3 so exciting. Gearbox hasn’t tried to do anything crazy innovative, they haven’t insanely revamped the formula of the game, they have just taken what people love and refined it.

And we all have to be thankful for not having a Battle Royale mode in BL3.

For me, Borderlands is uplifted by an engaging and humorous story, driven villains, and the host of colourful characters. Based on the three trailers that have been released so far, Gearbox is batting three for three.

The latest trailer revealed the names and more abilities of our four new Vault Hunters.

Zane, the dapper gentleman is a retired corporate hitman with a slew of deception-based abilities including an arm-mounted wrist drone and holographic decoy.

Amara, is a Siren brawler able to use her multitude of magically-created arms to ground slam and otherwise crush her foes.

Moze is a high-tech soldier who can summon an enormous mechsuit to ride around in and blow apart anyone in her way. The official announce trailer sees Moze’s mech being ridden by Zane, which opens up wonderful co-op opportunities.

Then there’s Fl4k the Beastmaster, able to summon a Skag, Spiderant, and Jabbermon, to tear apart his(?) enemies.

There are so many games that tend to go with trying to incorporate every trend and game mode into their code so they can appeal to the largest fanbase. There are many more that get compared with each other saying ‘X copied Y’ and so on and so forth.

At the heart of it, Borderlands 3 is a fresh take on the genre and the franchise without losing what makes it fun and ultra-replayable.

That doesn’t mean Gearbox hasn’t improved on the formula or enhanced BL3. Players will get to visit multiple worlds as opposed to being marooned on Pandora the whole time. Players will engage in what looks to be crazy deathmatches, battle a new array of terrifying(ly ugly) bosses and vicious beasts. Oh and we cannot forget the abundance of new vehicles we will control as we wreak havoc all over the landscape.

This may not be the most revolutionary of opinions, and is actually incredibly simple as a concept. Gearbox has listened to gamers and has created something that will get the blood pumping, the heart racing, and the hype soaring.

For when it comes down to it, players want more of what made them fall in love with a franchise in the first place. For me, its the amazing cell shading, the hilarious dialogue, the sheer sarcasm of the villain, Mister Torgue Flexington, and more besides.

The same could be said for other large franchises such as The Elder Scrolls, Halo, Diablo, and even Fallout – they just want more of what made those games great.

It’s time for another adventure, more explosions, and an amazing new story. Here’s to Game of the Year, eh.

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