Destiny 2

Revel In Destiny 2’s Revelry Event

Spring is truly in the air (not in Australia obviously) with the oncoming arrival of The Revelry in Destiny 2. The debut of the spring event has seen flowers blossom in the Tower, breathing new life among the Guardians. One can’t help but draw a comparison to the freeing of Bungie and the emergence of new life in the Tower.

In the words of Eva Levante, “Come to the Tower. Smell the flowers. And revel in all we have together.”

Verdant Forest

But what is there to do Guardians? Much like the Haunted Forest during Festival of the Lost there is a new activity for those of you who have a fondness for challenge and loot.

Known as the Verdant Forest (there is a theme here), Guardians will move from room to room, clearing out foes as quickly as possible. The faster this is done, the more time you’ll have to take out the waiting slue of five different bosses.

If you still stand relatively unscathed at the end, you can claim your reward.

Inaugural Revelry

With each boss you defeat, you have a chance to earn a piece of the Inaugural Revelry armour set. But never fear if you are having a tough time tackling those bosses because Eva will have five weekly bounties with each reward being a Powerful Drop. And with each successive piece of Inaugural Revelry armour you equip, the greater the boost on your Revelry Tonic.

Revelry Tonic

This is the Revelry Tonic.

Upon entering the Tower for the first time during The Revelry, Eva will provide you with the strange-looking plant thing. You can fill it with Reveler’s Essence (gross) by cold-cutting bosses in the Verdant Forest, as well as completing other activities.

There are three types of Tonic, each providing a different buff;

-Reduced grenade cooldown
-Reduced melee cooldown
-Reduced class ability cooldown

The most delightful part? The more Essence you collect, the more potent the buff is. This will extend across all activities, except for Private Matches. Time to dish out some spring punishment in the Crucible.

You can even turn in your Reveler’s Essence to Eva, to receive packages that can include ornaments for the Inaugural Revelry helmet. The ornaments will grow bigger as you equip more pieces of that armour set.


Time to get Exotic. Turning in Essence to Eva and completing The Revelry Triumphs can lead to a brand new Exotic Kinetic Linear Fusion Rifle known as ‘Arbalest’. This delightful little number does extra damage against enemy shields *excited gasp*.

The Revelry begins on April 16th and will stay in bloom until May 7th.

It’s been a long time since I have played Destiny 2 but it’s high time I step back into the shoes of my trusty Warlock, Anubis.

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