The Trailers For Rage 2 Don’t Take Themselves Seriously And It’s Glorious

As is the case with most major game releases, Rage 2 has undergone a rather prolonged campaign, with teasers, official trailers, and gameplay showing off the insane, kaleidoscopic world.

To cut a long story short, whoever makes the videos needs a raise…a big one.

These little snippets encapsulate the craziness of the Rage 2 universe to a tee, showing off the fast-paced, dangerous environment in which Walker thrives, but at the same time not taking it too seriously. Take the official trailer which released yesterday, entitled ‘Everything vs Me’.

We see action. We see explosions. We see Wingsticks. We see mutants. We also see an introspective piece about a smug cliff, raging alcoholism, and an unfortunate, jovial buffalo. This is not a one-off occurrence either, the lead up to the release of Rage 2 has been packed with quirky trailers that you can’t help but laugh (or at least grin) at.

What about a trailer showing off a special kind of in-game cheat code, where Tim Kitzrow, the voice of NBA Jam will throw out witty one-liners as you play? With smash hits such as Boomshakalaka, Loud Noises, and (my favourite) You Should’ve Had Your Vitamins, this trailer kind of makes you doubt it’s real.

Rage 2 is one big troll. And I love it.

Or take it a step further and enjoy the dulcet tones of actor Danny Dyer as he brings his particular talents in yet another cheat code voice-over.

And seeing as how seemingly wasteland-like Australia can be, we definitely need an Aussie voice-over. I mean, Mad Max was filmed here.

Wasteland Wizard

If you aren’t aware Rage 2 is paying an homage back to the old days where cheat codes ran rampant and we all had a grand time completely messing with the system. Able to be purchased from a wandering merchant known as the Wasteland Wizard, the cheat codes add an extra layer of the ridiculous to an already wacky game.

But the insanity doesn’t stop there, with ‘Git Gud’ basically allowing you to one-hit-kill everything, the Phoenix Rejector Seat leaving you on the ground while your vehicle is ejected into the air and so many more.

Rage 2 is absolutely chock-a-block full of enemies that want to kill you, I mean, they titled a trailer along the same vein. Over on Twitter, @Ragegame has been doing a short series of what to expect with the different factions, including the River Hogs and Abadon…as well as the infamous Red Barrels.

Yes, those barrels. Because they are everywhere and watching every little thing you do, just waiting until your back is turned.

Rage 2 is the perfect game that we all need, not taking itself too seriously and delivering laughs from out of nowhere, which we all need. With a month remaining before the official release here’s to hoping we get to see a bit more wasteland comedy to brighten up our lives.

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