Will Wisp, Warframe’s Upcoming Character, Take The Title Of Stealth Queen?

Long has the title of stealthiest Frame been held by none other than Loki, with his prolonged invisibility making many a mission incredibly easy. But with the incoming arrival of Wisp, Warframe’s fortieth space-ninja, will Loki lose the title of go-to stealth-Frame?

First, let’s take a look at Wisp’s abilities, which may undergo slight changes on the approach to launch. Her Passive is part of the reason I believe Wisp can challenge Loki, as it allows her to go invisible while airborne, seemingly with no cooldown. While Loki does have more versatility in this sphere and is able to stay invisible wherever he travels, Wisp has an advantage in that her Passive doesn’t cost energy.

‘Reservoir’ (names have not been finalised) allows Wisp to cycle through and place one of three different reservoirs containing a buff that can be picked up by yourself or allies. Much like the names, the buffs themselves have not been set in stone but are generally understood to be health, speed, and a flat all-round buff.

Drawing yet another mirror to Loki’s Decoy, Wisp will send out a duplicate of herself that will travel in a straight line, drawing enemy fire. If you happen to recast this ability while it’s still active, Wisp will teleport to the position of her duplicate.

Sounds familiar to Switch Teleport but with the potential for even greater range. This ability could be quite useful out of combat for getting Wisp through security hurdles such as past drones, cameras, and laser gates.

Synergising with Reservoir, Wisp’s third ability causes Radial damage to erupt from all placed canisters, dealing damage in a wide radius.

Finally, Wisp’s fourth ability unleashes a devastating solar beam that annihilates any foes caught in its blazing gaze. This is the biggest difference between Loki and Wisp but gives the latter a chance to deal incredible damage when the situation calls for it.

Of course, Loki isn’t the only Frame known for stealth. Ivara has a suite of arrows designed to make herself invisible and deal enhanced headshot damage, put hostiles to sleep, or create an area of effect invisibility field. Octavia can make herself invisible by crouching in time with her Mandachord while Ash’s Smoke Screen and Teleport make him a silent and deadly foe. Each of these stealth Frames have their pluses and negatives, which speaks to the individual players.

Wisp will be joining the ranks of those Frames whose abilities make them prime for stealth missions, creeping through spy vaults, or among the enemy, only revealing themselves for a split second before the killing blow.

Wisp appears to blur the line between damage and stealth, as do many Frames but her passive speaks to a new type of sneakiness; one that thrives on constant movement and split-second decisions. To make the most of this invisibility Wisp will need to remain in the air, which means bullet jumping is going to be a Tenno’s best friend.

It’s unclear whether the airborne stipulation will affect wall-running but since technically you are on some form of surface, Wisp will most likely become visible again. It is also yet to be seen whether or not Archwing will override this native ability to turn invisible.

One thing is for sure, Wisp is going to be a force to be reckoned with when she is released in Warframe.

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